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Boost your business and make the day-to-day work of your field technicians easier with our simple and automated work order management software.

  • Optimised routes taking into account your constraints
  • Paperless itineraries for your technicians
  • Automated sending of service reports
  • 5-star experience for your customers

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Manage last minute work orders without lowering margins

The number of criteria to be taken into account when planning routes is constantly increasing: skills of the technicians, holidays and breaks, loading location of the equipment, traffic conditions, response time defined in the contract or work order duration.

The human intelligence is not always sufficient to effectively optimise the operations, even with the help of tools such as Excel, Google Calendar or Google Maps.

This is why schedulers must switch to digital tools that optimise the management of business specificities to speed up processes and increase team productivity.

Ensure the satisfaction of technicians

Hiring for technical staff is becoming increasingly complicated. Managers are unable to overbook the planning because of the risk that technicians might leave the company to work for competitors.

The implementation of a technician retention strategy is now one of the main missions of operations managers.

To improve the working conditions of your technicians, you must not only optimise their routes, which sometimes account for half of their working day, but also make it easier for them to write up the work order reports.

Offer customers a 5-star service

The customers now want to have the possibility to choose from several dates and time slots for the work order. In addition, they expect to receive information at each stage of the process, including the estimated time of arrival of the technician.

To meet your customers’ expectations and provide the best experience possible, you need to set up an efficient communication strategy and ensure that the scheduled times are respected thanks to reliable routes.

Sébastien Dandoy
Assistant to the Director of Tele-Hulp

In our industry, there are very specific constraints. Sometimes we have to send a technician to the other end of Belgium for a single task, because it is a matter of life and death. We can’t leave the person in a state of insecurity for a whole weekend! AntsRoute is therefore very useful for smartly completing the work schedules of our technicians.

Calendar of work orders in the AntsRoute software

Make it easier to schedule work orders

Give your operations managers one single software to perfectly organize the schedules of their technicians. In a simple way, they can plan and optimise work order routes, track the technicians in the field and analyse the performance of the workers.

  • Assign work orders according to multiple criteria
  • Optimise routes based on data from your Excel files
  • Automate the sending of data from your ERP
  • Track your technicians in the field with geolocation
  • Improve the tracking of your work orders
  • Monitor the performance of your field workers

Improving the daily work of technicians with paperless itineraries

Thanks to the AntsRoute mobile application, your field technicians can retrieve all the information about the work to be carried out and have access to a map display of their routes. They can easily communicate with your customers and access updated planning. You increase the autonomy of your technicians and keep an overview of your operations in the field.

  • Access GPS navigation to the next step
  • Access work order details
  • Automate the sending of proof of completion
  • Schedule more work orders from the app.

AntsRoute mobile application showing a list of work orders

AntsRoute notification showing the tracking of a technician

Communicate effectively with your customers

Improve customer satisfaction by providing the best work order experience. You communicate in real time every information enabling the customer to prepare the arrival of the technician. You meet his expectations from the first visit thanks to an efficient management of the skills of your technicians.

  • SMS or email notifications with custom messages
  • Reminder of the estimated time of arrival (ETA)
  • Link to reschedule the work order if not available
  • Link to view in real time the location of the technician
  • Sending of the work order reports 30 minutes after the completion
  • Link to rate service quality after the work order completion

More work orders, less unnecessary miles, better customer experience

Serve more customers

Increase the productivity of your technicians by reducing driving times.

Save time

Make route optimisation easier by automating the management of business specificities.

Improve customer satisfaction

Ensure the satisfaction of your customers by communicating respected ETAs.

Connect AntsRoute to the tools you already use

If you already have a CRM or ERP to manage your work orders, your customers or your invoicing, benefit from our API and our integration with Zapier to connect this system to your AntsRoute account.

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Eloy Water complete every work orders on time thanks to AntsRoute

Sébastien Morant
Support Manager at Eloy Water

Since the implementation of the solution to optimise our work order routes, the administrative gain is very important. In one month, we have saved almost one week of work and eliminated human errors.


Eloy Water maintains wastewater treatment equipment in Belgium and Luxembourg. To support its growing field service business, the company needed a solution to computerise the management of work order routes, which until then had been done using Excel and a road map.


The teams at Eloy Water were impressed by the ergonomics and ease of use of AntsRoute and deployed the solution in 2018. The managers have noticed a major time saving in scheduling work orders, a decrease in mileage between two tasks and the elimination of data entry errors. Today, with AntsRoute, every work order is completed on time, whereas previously our technicians were often late.


  • Route optimisation
  • SMS notification
  • Work order report

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