Enable your customers to book appointments online 24/7

Streamline the appointment scheduling in your business. Set up your 24/7 online booking website in minutes and put an end to missed calls.

The AntsRoute platform allows your customers to book appointments online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Scheduling an appointment from the vientchezvous.com interface

More appointments, less scheduling time

Your online booking site allows your customers to schedule an appointment at any time of the day, even during evenings and weekends, at any location. AntsRoute offers the best time slots to your customers according to your business constraints and availability. When the appointment is confirmed, the work order is automatically added to the driver’s calendar:

  • Booking available 24/7.
  • Possibility to set time slots.
  • Real-time updating of availabilities.

Scheduling an appointment from the vientchezvous.com interface

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Display time slots according to the skills of your workers

Thanks to advanced settings, you can determine the types of service offered for online booking. For each of these services, indicate the skills required to complete the operations, before determining the skills of each of your workers. Thanks to AntsRoute, you can optimise the schedules of drivers or field workers according to settings such as:

  • The type of driving licence (C, CE, C1, C1E, etc.).
  • Their skills for assigning the completion of some complicated operations to only certain workers.
  • Their authorisations.

The appointments scheduled are directly assigned in the schedule of the field workers.

The solution is designed to meet the needs of many industries

The operations managers and field staff working in companies of all sizes and from different industries benefit from our 24/7 online appointment scheduling platform.

Last mile delivery

Make your day-to-day work easier by letting your customers choose the day and time of their home delivery.

Field service

Boost your business by enabling your customers to schedule by themselves field service operations.

Home healthcare

Save time by allowing your patients to book an appointment online for in-home service.

Easy to use for your customers, easy to manage for you

Start your free trial and get direct access to all the features. You can also contact our team for assistance in setting up the software.

1. Create an AntsRoute account

In less than 5 minutes, open your account on the AntsRoute platform.

2. Set up the booking site

Customise the display of your online appointment booking site.

3. Share access with your clients

Give your customers the URL to let them book an appointment.

4. View the work orders in the calendar

View the appointments scheduled in your AntsRoute calendar in real time.

The AntsRoute booking site makes it possible to limit the number of missed appointments.

Limit the number of missed appointments

Say goodbye to the no-shows that waste a lot of time, energy and money. Make sure that your customers are available at the time of the appointment by allowing them to choose the date and time slot. Do everything possible to ensure that your customers do not forget their appointment:

  • Send automated reminders by SMS or email.
  • Let the customer reschedule the appointment if he is not available.
  • Allow the customer to view upcoming appointments from the platform.

The AntsRoute booking site makes it possible to limit the number of missed appointments.

The booking site suits your corporate image

Customise the display of your online booking platform to match your brand.

  • Edit the main colour of the site.
  • Import background images.
  • Insert the logo of your company.
  • Customise the URL of the booking site.

Customisation of the display of the AntsRoute booking site.

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