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Improve your productivity and make your daily work of your drivers easier with our easy and automated SaaS delivery management platform.

  • The best delivery routes in seconds
  • Live tracking of drivers using geolocation
  • Automated sending of delivery notes
  • 5-star experience for your customers

The AntsRoute platform simplifies route planning for delivery professionals.


Innovative platform to offer customers a successful delivery experience.

Provide customers with perfect delivery or job

The consumers are now demanding faster and faster deliveries, with a wide choice of delivery time slots. In addition, customers are looking for information on the shipment of the package, the estimated time of arrival of the driver, etc.

The delivery is the key moment not to be overlooked in order to offer buyers the best possible experience. This is where you can create customer loyalty.

That’s why you must offer perfect delivery experience, with on-time delivery through feasible routes and an effective communication strategy regarding the delivery.

Efficient platform to simplify the daily life of delivery drivers.

Enhance dispatch rider satisfaction

Although logistics activities are expanding, companies are not able to hire enough delivery drivers to meet the demand.

The implementation of a strategy to prevent turnover and retain delivery staff is now part of the logistics manager’s mission.

To do this, it is necessary to improve the level of satisfaction of the drivers and to strengthen the relationship of confidence between them. In order to reduce the stress level of the delivery drivers and improve their working conditions, you should schedule balanced and feasible routes and provide paperless itinerary.

The interface simplifies last-mile logistics.

Meet the last mile challenge without lowering margins

Due to increasingly restricted access to the town centre, the growth of express deliveries, rising fuel prices and the growing demands of buyers, organising delivery routes is not an easy task.

By using digital tools tailored to the transport industry, you can take up the challenge of the last mile, the most expensive, complex and polluting link of the supply chain.

Therefore, when organising delivery routes, you need to automate data flows to better coordinate information, avoid input errors, speed up processes and improve productivity.

The platform avoids empty runs for a sustainable delivery service.

Offer sustainable delivery services

Due to the acceleration of global warming, public authorities and consumers are multiplying the incentives for more sustainable management of delivery routes.

Switching to carbon-neutral delivery methods has a cost, which is difficult to pass on in the final price. You need to successfully implement more environmentally friendly deliveries without increasing costs.

To reduce your company’s carbon emissions, you need to avoid unnecessary or empty trips and limit failed deliveries during the first attempt.

Fresh produce delivery

Boost your meal and fresh produce delivery business with our easy-to-use route management software.

Furniture delivery

Simplify the planning of your furniture and equipment deliveries with our all-in-one route optimisation system.

Material and fuel delivery

Plan your material and fuel delivery routes easily with our software, which manages pickups and compartments.

Package delivery

Optimise your parcel delivery routes by taking into account time constraints and vehicle capacity.

Make it easier to manage deliveries

Give your operations manager the possibility to easily schedule, optimise, organise, track and analyse your last mile delivery operations from a single dashboard.

  • Assign deliveries according to your constraints.
  • Synchronise WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Odoo or Shopify.
  • Optimise routes using data from Excel or ERP files.
  • Track in real time your delivery drivers using geolocation.
  • Analyse the performance indicators of your business.

Dashboard of a route planning officer on AntsRoute with the creation of optimized delivery routes.

Deliver more packages

Increase the productivity of your drivers by reducing driving times and empty vehicle running.

Boost service quality

Improve the level of customer satisfaction by communicating respected delivery times.

Save time

Simplify the planning of optimised routes by automating processes.

Reduce carbon footprint

Limit the carbon emissions from your vehicles by avoiding unnecessary journeys and empty runs.

Dashboard of a delivery driver on AntsRoute with proof-of-delivery transmission.

Improve the daily work of your drivers

The AntsRoute mobile application enables your delivery drivers to retrieve the steps of their routes and to exchange information with the operations manager and your customers easily. You improve the autonomy of your deliverymen, and you keep perfect overview of your activity in the field.

  • Start navigation to the next stop.
  • Get access to delivery details.
  • Automate proof-of-delivery reporting.
  • Plan extra deliveries.
  • Access the app in offline mode.

Dashboard of a delivery driver on AntsRoute with proof-of-delivery transmission.

Offer a 5-star delivery experience to your customers

Retain your customers by offering them the best delivery experience. You ensure better respect of the communicated delivery times and provide in real time at each stage all the information to enable the customers to prepare the arrival of the driver:

  • SMS or email notifications with custom messages
  • Reminder of the estimated time of arrival (ETA)
  • Link to reschedule the delivery if not available
  • Link for driver tracking when starting the route
  • Sending the delivery note after the delivery
  • Link to rate the quality of services

Platform that offers customers a quality delivery experience.

Integrate your favourite apps

If you already have tools to manage your stocks, orders, deliveries, customers or invoicing, benefit from our integrations with many applications. Connect your order and stock management system or your ERP with our API.

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La Boissonnerie de Paris talks about its use of AntsRoute delivery management software.

Our customers find it very easy to implement AntsRoute

The algorithm finds solutions that I would not necessarily have considered, and which take into account the constraints set by the clients. The human brain tends to think that it will find the best option, but this is rarely the case. The algorithm is much more right than the human!

Sébastien Specht
Co-founder of La Boissonnerie de Paris

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