Cookie Policy

In this section, discover the use of the information gathered during your navigation on our website and on our interface. When visiting our website, information concerning your navigation is likely to be recorded in the cookie files of your device in order to offer you a quality user experience. It is possible to change your choices regarding the use of cookies at any time. By browsing our website, you accept the setting and use of cookies. You can of course accept, decline or customise the setting of these cookies. We also remind you that only the sender of a cookie is likely to read or edit the information contained in the file.

What is a “Cookie”?

A “Cookie” is a text file that may be sent to your device (computer, tablet or mobile) when you visit a website. The cookies can be used to record information relating to your navigation for statistical or advertising purposes. They enable content to be optimised and personalised.

Why do we use cookies?

During your navigation on our website and on our interface, first-party cookies and third-party cookies may be sent to your device.

  • First-party cookies are set directly on the website domain you are visiting. These cookies are necessary for the operation of the website and to improve your browsing experience.
  • Third-party cookies are set on a domain that is different from the website currently being visited. These cookies are used by partner companies to improve display features, measure audience, share content and improve the advertising offer. The use of third-party cookies is subject to the cookie policies of those third parties.

The cookies we issue are used for the purposes described below:

  • To determine the performance and use of our website in order to improve the ergonomics of our services: number of sessions, number of pages viewed, number of visits, average duration of sessions, acquisition channels, average time spent on a page, sessions with events, date, and time of visit. These cookies aim to improve the quality of our services by providing access to statistics on the volume of visits and the use of our website. They also enable us to detect navigation problems and thus improve the features of our website.
  • To offer targeted ads based on your interests when you visit other sites.
  • To personalise the display of our interface, particularly in terms of resolution and language, according to the preferences of your device.
  • To analyse the navigation of users during their first connection in ‘Trial’ mode in order to support the user in the discovery of the interface and to determine the possible improvement in terms of ergonomics and features of the interface.

Third-party cookies

How to refuse or limit the use of cookies?

To store a cookie in a device, the sender must have the consent of the user of that device. You can configure your browser software to limit cookies. It is important to note that any settings you make may affect your browsing on our website and the smooth operation of certain features.

Most browsers accept cookies by default. When you decide to manage cookies, you should be aware that the settings are different for each browser. You can consult the help menu for setting cookies for the main browsers below: