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AntsRoute is a comprehensive platform for the management of last mile field service and delivery operations allowing to easily optimise routes, improve the productivity and make the day-to-day work of the field staff easier. The software also helps to retain customers while addressing the issues of climate change. The solution is designed to meet the needs of all industries.


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How it all started…

The founders of AntsRoute, Marc Grojean and Ammar Oulamara, met as part of an R&D contract on the interoperability of carpooling and public transport. At the time, Ammar, who is professor of computer science at the University of Lorraine, was leading the InfiniDrive project at LORIA. This R&D project, launched by La Poste and ERDF, aimed to determine the criteria for the optimum integration of electric vehicles in the fleets of companies that carry out work order routes.

In 2015, the two co-founders founded Antsway with the help of the SATT Grand Est and the BPI. In addition to the integration of electric vehicles, the team is developing powerful algorithms to help businesses in all industries to optimise their daily routes. The first version of the AntsRoute software available online is proposed at the end of 2018.

Since that time, new constraints have been regularly implemented to meet the needs of new industries. Today, we have adopted a Customer Centric approach that places our customers and their own customers at the heart of our priorities. To achieve this, we have developed solutions that make it possible to communicate with customers at every stage of the delivery or field service process.

Our founders

Marc Grojean

Christophe Jayet

Ammar Oulamara
Head of R&D

Did you know?

The ants are able to work together to find the shortest route from a food source to their nest.

Once an ant discovers a food source via any path, it returns to the nest leaving behind a pheromone trail. The other ants take different paths to the same source, but the strengthening of the trail makes the shortest path more attractive. The other paths then lose their pheromone trail and the ants end up taking only the shortest path.

Researchers were inspired by the behaviour of these ants to develop the “Ant colony optimization algorithms“… and our team was inspired to develop the optimisation algorithms of our software. By the way, AntsRoute is composed of the English words “ants” and “route”.

Our mission

Enabling companies of all sizes to revolutionise the organisation of their last mile delivery or field service routes with a positive impact on the environment, effortlessly.

Our solution

An easy-to-use, adaptable and scalable route management platform to grow your business.

The user-friendly and complete solution which can be configured according to your business constraints

Trusted by 300+ businesses


Daily routes in 14 countries

  • France
  • Belgium
  • Mauritania
  • Israel
  • Morocco
  • Luxembourg
  • Hungary
  • Ivory Coast
  • Canada
  • United-Kingdom
  • Switzerland
  • Madagascar
  • Germany
  • Costa Rica

Médéric Gasse
Cofounder of Delivening

Antsway, the company that develops the AntsRoute software, is a strong partner in terms of IT. The core solution is very efficient, and their teams are able to deploy specific development overlays according to our constraints.

June 2015

Launch of AntsRoute

500 k€ raised

From investment funds



+15 talents

And the team keeps growing

Our values


We have this insatiable need to learn and improve. At AntsRoute, we believe that the best way to grow is to discover and understand the world around us. We are convinced that curiosity contributes to the innovation and creativity of our teams.


At AntsRoute, we believe that we can create long-term relationships with our customers, partners and employees only through trust. Trust is at the heart of our exchanges and generates a good atmosphere with our stakeholders. In this way, we can work as a team towards common goals while respecting our commitments to our customers.


Everyone at AntsRoute is driven by the desire to innovate and solve complex problems. We are not looking for perfection, but for the best solution to improve our products and move forward.

Our team

Léa Brice
Customer Success Manager

Bruno Charpiot
Business Developer

Thibault Choné
Web Developer

Antoine Wittmann
Web Developer

Clément Colné
Web Developer

Cédric Angellier
Full Stack Developer

Maxim Proskurin
Product Manager

Bilal Messaoudi
PhD in R&D

Denys Levassort
Strategic Intelligence Manager

Gregory Buttice
Business Developer

Marie Henrion
Marketing Manager

Emeric Wimmer
Software engineer

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