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Are you experiencing issues with hiring and retaining delivery drivers or technicians? Are you worried that this will result in cancelled deliveries or missed requests for service? If so, AntsRoute is the ideal solution to help you fill vacancies and improve the working conditions of your teams.

A balanced and optimised route generated with the AntsRoute tool.

Reduce the stress in your field workforce to boost their productivity

If your delivery driver or technician is demotivated, the risk that your customer won’t be satisfied increases. That’s why you need to do everything you can to offer your employees the best possible working conditions.

In addition to salary and development opportunities, employees are also interested in structural aspects and can be very irritated when faced with the following situations:

  • The duration of the task to be carried out is incorrectly calculated.
  • The job to be carried out is not detailed enough.
  • The service requires specific skills that he does not possess.
  • The address for the task cannot be found.
  • The schedule is poorly organised and journey times miscalculated.

With AntsRoute, you can avoid all these stressful situations. You can generate balanced routes based on business constraints and team working hours. Using the mobile application makes it easy to navigate and gives you access to all the documents you need.

A balanced and optimised route generated with the AntsRoute tool.

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Make daily tasks easier with the right tools

By using the right IT tools, your teams can be more efficient while enjoying more comfortable working conditions. During their routes, your technicians or delivery drivers sometimes need access to procedures or instructions. The service report often has to be filled in at the end of a visit.

With AntsRoute, your staff can use the mobile application to access all the documents and information they need to create service reports and delivery notes automatically. Say goodbye to paper documents and data entry errors.

Thanks to the AntsRoute mobile application, your teams can also easily launch GPS navigation to the next stop.

The addition of proof of visit when validating a task from the AntsRoute mobile application.

Analysis of average distances travelled per route on the AntsRoute interface.

Put an end to feelings of isolation, team up

Your field teams want a certain amount of autonomy on a day-to-day basis. However, this sense of freedom can quickly turn into a feeling of isolation. That’s why it’s important to maintain contact with your drivers, in particular by sharing information.

Software like AntsRoute gives you access to a range of metrics on team productivity. For example, for each employee, you can indicate the number of tasks carried out per day, the number of kilometres travelled or even the reviews left by your customers. Thanks to these indicators, your drivers will feel more involved in the company.

Analysis of average distances travelled per route on the AntsRoute interface.

The AntsRoute tool is highly popular with delivery drivers and technicians

More safety

Reduce the stress associated with driving by eliminating unnecessary kilometres and making traffic easier thanks to a navigation aid.

More comfort

Plan routes that respect the working hours of your field operators. Schedule the stops closest to their homes at the beginning and end of the route.

Improved communication

If there are any unforeseen events or last-minute requests, you can update your field teams’ schedules in real time and keep them updated via the mobile application.

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The route planned by AntsRoute is not the one we would have thought of first, or the one that seems the most logical to us humans. But we have to admit that the algorithm thinks of solutions that I wouldn’t necessarily have considered, and which actually take very good account of the constraints set by the customers.

Sébastien Specht
Co-founder of La Boissonnerie de Paris

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