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Meeting your customers’ expectations is a key success factor for the development of your business. Are you aware of the importance of positioning the customer experience at the heart of your priorities? Are you looking to build customer loyalty using new technologies? If so, AntsRoute is the ideal tool for your teams.

The AntsRoute mobile application showing details of a work order.

Meet your customers’ expectations from the very first visit

With the development of the internet, customer expectations have changed over the last few years. To remain competitive, your company must be able to respond to their needs quickly. For example, in your home service business, you need to assign a maintenance or repair operation to a qualified technician to solve the technical problem during the first visit.

In addition to managing the skills of your technicians, the AntsRoute platform allows you to indicate the equipment and parts required for each task. You can also attach documentation and photos that can be accessed directly from the mobile application available to your field workers. Thanks to AntsRoute, your teams in the field have all the information they need to solve the mission right from the start. So you can avoid unnecessary return trips and improve customer satisfaction.

The AntsRoute mobile application showing details of a work order.

Let your customers prepare for the arrival of your service technician or delivery driver

What could be more distressing for your customer than having to stay at home all day to receive a parcel that will finally arrive at 5 p.m.? To avoid this situation, you need to communicate the right information to your customers, at the right time.

With AntsRoute, as soon as a visit or delivery is planned, you can automate the sending of a message to the customer indicating the date of the visit. You can also provide a time slot of two hours, or even an estimated time of arrival. Thanks to AntsRoute, you can send a tracking link to your customers as soon as your driver starts his route. This geolocation system lets customers know where the driver or technician is and how long they will have to wait for him to arrive.

The AntsRoute interface showing the tracking of a delivery driver.

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The AntsRoute interface showing how to add a last-minute task while respecting the time of arrival planned.

Avoid delays of your field teams to your customer’s premises

If you receive a call for an emergency repair, you need to make sure that your technician doesn’t arrive late at your customer’s premises. The consequences of solving a technical problem late can be catastrophic for your customer… and for your company.

With AntsRoute, you can manage these last-minute requests and generate workable route plans to ensure that the times communicated to customers are respected. Technicians are assigned to jobs smartly, based on their skills and their geographical distance at the time of the request.

The AntsRoute interface showing how to add a last-minute task while respecting the time of arrival planned.

Gather feedback from your customers to improve service quality

Feedback from your customers is essential if you want to make the right decisions for your business. Furthermore, by offering a quality service that improves customer satisfaction, your company should be able to meet the requirements of ISO 9001 and obtain this certification.

For example, the AntsRoute platform has a system for sending SMS notifications after the deliveryman or technician has finished the job, with a link enabling the customer to assess the quality of the service provided and add comments. By analysing this data, you can improve the quality of your services and increase customer loyalty.

The AntsRoute interface showing the rating of the quality of the delivery service.

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The route planned by AntsRoute is not the one we would have thought of first, or the one that seems the most logical to us humans. But we have to admit that the algorithm thinks of solutions that I wouldn’t necessarily have considered, and which actually take very good account of the constraints set by the customers.

Sébastien Specht
Co-founder of La Boissonnerie de Paris

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