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Are you looking to free yourself from the administrative tasks associated with your routes of pick-ups, deliveries, or on-site or home visits? Would you like to concentrate on more value-added tasks? If so, AntsRoute is the ideal solution for your teams.

An optimised route plan generated with AntsRoute.

Get route plans that meet your operational constraints in just one click

As Operations Manager, one of your objectives is to organise your teams. To do this, you need to plan and build optimised routes, while ensuring that technicians and drivers are available and able to carry out a service or delivery. The many business constraints and customer requirements don’t make your job any easier… Some of you claim to spend up to three hours organising routes using Google Maps!

If that’s your case, AntsRoute should make your day-to-day life a whole lot easier! With just one click, you can create optimised routes that take account of all your business constraints.

An optimised route plan generated with AntsRoute.

Make it easier to communicate with your customers

Your Operations Manager sometimes has to take on the role of Customer Service Manager. For example, they may need to contact customers in advance of a delivery or service to agree a time slot. During their routes, they have to deal with any unexpected events reported by the field teams. To offer your customers a quality service, AntsRoute enables you to manage these time-consuming tasks automatically:

  • Inform your customer in advance automatically.
  • Offer customers the option of rescheduling their appointment.
  • Inform customers in real time when the driver arrives at their home.
  • Get customer feedback after the driver has visited.
  • Send delivery notes or service reports.

By taking advantage of these automations, you can finally save your operations manager time. Stay focused on the essentials, especially your most sensitive customers.

The AntsRoute interface showing how to send a notification to indicate the arrival of the delivery driver.

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A roadmap with transmission of the proof of passage on the AntsRoute mobile application.

Communicate the right information to field teams and managers

Transmitting information to field operatives and team managers is one of the most time-consuming and repetitive tasks. Your manager often has to:

  • Give route plans at the start of the day to delivery drivers or service technicians.
  • Retrieve service reports or delivery notes at the end of the day and scan them.
  • Enter the various operations to ensure traceability.
  • Drawing up tables and graphs to provide managers with metrics.

A roadmap with transmission of the proof of passage on the AntsRoute mobile application.

AntsRoute is the tool that simplifies your administrative management

Electronic route plans

The mobile application allows your technicians or delivery staff to retrieve their daily routes on an Android or iOS phone.

Traceability of operations

Ensure traceability of operations by automating the transmission of proof of passage (photos, customer signature, barcode, etc.).

Analysis of metrics

The operations manager can give specific access to a Comptroller to analyse performance indicators.

Automate the creation of consignment notes, reports and invoices

Your business requires you to issue many contractual and even legal documents: work reports, delivery notes, consignment notes, invoices, etc. These documents help you to ensure the traceability of your operations. AntsRoute is the ideal tool for automating the creation and entry of these documents!

Using the data entered by your teams in the field, reports are automatically generated and sent to customers. Documents are archived and available to download from the platform for a certain period of time. Say goodbye to lost documents!

A delivery note generated on AntsRoute.

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The algorithm finds solutions that I would not necessarily have thought about, and that take into account the constraints set by the customers. The human brain tends to think that it will find the best solution, but this is rarely the case. The algorithm is much more right than the human!

Sébastien Specht
Co-founder of La Boissonnerie de Paris

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