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Are you looking to free yourself from the administrative tasks associated with your pick-up and delivery routes, or with field service operations? Do you want to focus on high value-added tasks? Then AntsRoute is the solution for you!

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The paperwork associated with managing mobile workers is often time-consuming. The operations manager has to communicate with:

  • The field workers to manage unexpected scheduling events.
  • The end customers who have specific requests and want to be kept updated.
  • The contractors waiting for feedback on the operations carried out.
  • The management looking for information about the business.

These exchanges require you to communicate and monitor the actions performed and generate administrative tasks that are often repetitive, but always necessary. The right management of these administrative processes is key to the success of your business. If you are able to automate these tasks, you could have competitive advantages. But if you don’t, it can put your business at risk.

Get the routes that respect your operational constraints in one click

If your are operations manager, your first objective is to organise your workforce. For this, you need to schedule optimised routes, while ensuring the availability of technicians or drivers and their ability to carry out the tasks or deliveries. The multitude of business and customer constraints does not make your job easy! Some of you claim to spend up to 3 hours planning routes using Google Maps…

If that’s your job, AntsRoute should simplify your day-to-day work! With just one click, the platform provides optimised routes that take into account all the constraints you are facing.

Sébastien Specht
Co-founder of La Boissonnerie de Paris

The algorithm finds solutions that I would not necessarily have thought about, and that take into account the constraints set by the customers. The human brain tends to think that it will find the best solution, but this is rarely the case. The algorithm is much more right than the human!

Facilitate exchanges with your customers

Your operations manager could be asked to carry out the job of your customer service manager. For example, he/she must contact customers before the delivery or the field operation to agree on a time slot, and then during the completion of the job to deal with any unexpected events. To provide high quality service to your customers, AntsRoute allows you to automate the management of these different time-consuming tasks:

  • Inform your customer beforehand automatically.
  • Offer customers the possibility to reschedule their appointment.
  • Inform the customer in real time about the driver’s arrival.
  • Get feedback from the customer after the delivery or visit.
  • Send delivery notes or work reports.

With these automations, your operations manager can finally save time and stay focused on the most important tasks and demanding customers.

Tom Paolini
Customer Expert at Marmelade

When the customers place order online, they can choose 2 or 4-hour delivery time slot, depending on the delivery area. Thanks to Antsroute, the customer receives an e-mail the day before with the estimated time of arrival (ETA) of the delivery driver. Then, the software sends an automated text message on the same day, as soon as the delivery person validates the previous step. This automated text message management system makes the organisation of your customers and delivery staff easier.

Communicate the right information to field workers and managers

The transmission of information to field workers, but also to team managers, is one of the most time-consuming and repetitive tasks. For example, it is quite common for your manager to:

  • Give technicians or delivery drivers the routes at the beginning of the day.
  • Gather work reports or delivery notes at the end of the day.
  • Enter the different operations to ensure traceability.
  • Draw up tables and charts to provide managers with metrics.

AntsRoute is the tool that makes your administrative management easier

Paperless roadmaps

The mobile application enables your technicians or delivery drivers to retrieve the daily route on their smartphone.

Traceability of operations

Thanks to the automated transmission of proofs of delivery, you can ensure the traceability of operations.

Analysis of metrics

Your operations manager can give specific access to management accountants for the analysis of metrics.

Automate the drafting of consignment notes, reports and invoices

Your activity requires you to issue many contractual and even legal documents: work reports, delivery notes, consignment notes, invoices, etc. Thanks to these documents, you ensure the traceability of your operations. AntsRoute is the ideal tool to automate the drafting and entry of these documents!

Thanks to the data entered by your drivers, the work reports are automatically generated and sent to customers. The documents are archived and available for downloading on the platform during a certain period. Say goodbye to lost documents!

Sophie Rebai
Administrative Manager at SRS Services

AntsRoute is an all-in-one application. For example, if the service includes the delivery and assembly of the furniture on site, the delivery drivers take a picture of the assembled furniture directly with the application at the end of the work. In this way, after the validation, the shop automatically receives the delivery note by e-mail, with all the information. Then, if there is a complaint, we have all the proof available in the application to follow up the case.

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