AntsRoute, the tool that organises your last-mile routes

Whether you’re an Operations Manager or Coordinator, working for a small family business, an SME or a large business, AntsRoute can meet your needs.

Who is the AntsRoute platform designed for?

Do you manage last-mile deliveries, field service operations or home healthcare services? Are you facing one of the three challenges listed below? If so, AntsRoute is the ideal SaaS route optimisation platform for your teams. Whether you’re an Operations Manager or a Coordinator, working in a small family business, an SME or even a large business, the tool adapts to the way you work.

Increase your margins

Optimise your organisation to increase productivity, cut costs and reduce your carbon footprint.

Build customer loyalty

Ensure traceability of operations and enhance the quality of service offered to customers.

Manage order flows

Manage increasingly diverse order flows with ever-shorter response times.

The construction of optimised routes on the AntsRoute interface.

Challenge no. 1: Simplify the day-to-day work of teams and secure the company’s margins

Now that customer expectations in terms of response times are a key factor in purchasing decisions, you need to implement new solutions to meet customer demands. With the help of AntsRoute software, you can overcome all the challenges of the last mile:

  • Serve the customer in less than 24 hours.
  • Impose a date and time slot for the visit to the customer.
  • Let the customer choose the date and time slot, while encouraging them to choose the option that is least costly for the environment.
  • Suggest a date and time slot to the customer, but give them the option of rescheduling the appointment on their own.

To achieve this, AntsRoute uses specific algorithms to generate optimised route plans that limit operating costs and the carbon footprint of the business, while taking into account business constraints. In addition, the tool offers an easy-to-use interface for planners, field teams and your customers.

The construction of optimised routes on the AntsRoute interface.

Challenge no. 2: Offer quality services to build customer loyalty

The delivery to the customer’s home or the on-site service is the last stage in the sales cycle. So this is the stage you don’t want to miss! If you want your customers to recommend your services to their friends and family, you need to do everything you can to meet their expectations. Here are a few examples of what you can do:

  • Communicate all the relevant information to prepare for the arrival of the delivery driver or technician.
  • Send a message with the driver’s geolocation on a map.
  • Automate the sending of delivery notes or service reports in PDF format.

The AntsRoute interface showing the sending of a notification with a geolocation link for the delivery driver.

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The AntsRoute interface showing a schedule with a list of work orders.

Challenge no. 3: Manage increasingly diverse order flows to acquire new customers

In your business, the flow of orders is increasingly varied: e-commerce site, phone call, booking platform, etc. Dealing with all these requests is not always easy… Fortunately, there are now tools to simplify this task.

For example, the AntsRoute route optimisation software can be easily interconnected with numerous applications through its APIs and webhooks. We offer integrations with e-commerce platforms: WooCommerce, PrestaShop and Shopify via Zapiet. There are also other integrations for automated order transmission: Odoo, Zapier, e-fluid, Must-G5, Presta RESO2, Lyta, etc.

The AntsRoute interface showing a schedule with a list of work orders.

Free yourself from administrative tasks

If you automate certain administrative tasks, you can save a day’s work each week. You’ll be able to concentrate on the essentials. Replace the time-consuming organisation of routes using a map and an Excel spreadsheet with automated management.

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Optimise driving times and CO2 emissions

Limit the number of kilometres travelled between two stops by determining the best order in which to visit your customers. Carry out more deliveries and field service operations on a daily basis, while meeting your customers’ requirements. Assign orders according to workers’ skills to avoid a second visit to your customers.

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Turn your customers into ambassadors

Communicate all the relevant information to your customers, at the right time. Smartly manage the constraints of the last kilometre to meet the delivery times communicated to customers.

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Motivate your teams in the field

Improve the working conditions of your field teams and schedulers by providing them with the right tools. Ensure that your drivers drive safely.

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The algorithm finds solutions that I would not necessarily have thought about, and that take into account the constraints set by the customers. The human brain tends to think that it will find the best solution, but this is rarely the case. The algorithm is much more right than the human!

Sébastien Specht
Co-founder of La Boissonnerie de Paris

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