Delivery software in London and other major cities

Intuitive and easy to use, the AntsRoute software meets the needs of professionals who offer home or office deliveries:

  • Couriers and carriers
  • Restaurants, caterers and home delivery services
  • Food shops: butchers, bakers, greengrocers, etc.
  • Market gardeners, farmers, fresh produce shops
  • Building materials, DIY and decoration
  • Furniture and household appliances

The AntsRoute mobile route tracking application is connected to a GPS navigation system.

Anticipate traffic traps in London and elsewhere

On-board navigation system

AntsRoute is integrated with your favourite navigation application, Waze or Google Maps. An ideal two-in-one solution for managing the unexpected events during your routes:

  • Traffic bans
  • Roadworks
  • Traffic accidents
  • Demonstrations
  • Last-minute deliveries, etc.

AntsRoute also relies on the history provided by Waze and Google Maps to build your routes while avoiding traffic jams as much as possible!

The AntsRoute mobile route tracking application is connected to a GPS navigation system.

Integration of Low-Emission Zones

With our software, give priority to your green vehicles in the Low-Emission Zones of the cities concerned:

  • London
  • Birmingham
  • Bristol
  • Oxford
  • Glasgow
  • Bath
  • Bradford
  • Portsmouth

Differentiated management of eco-friendly and thermal vehicles

All routes assigned to electric or hybrid vehicles are calculated taking into account their specific constraints:

  • Battery life
  • Location of chargers
  • Charging time.

The AntsRoute software integrates electric and NGV vehicles.

By using our solution, you can increase the number of daily deliveries while reducing the time lost in traffic jams!

AntsRoute software optimises delivery routes.

Improve and track your performance

Fast route optimization

Our delivery software optimizes the routes of your entire team in a few seconds, taking into account multiple criteria:

  • Customer requests and availabilities
  • Vehicle loading capacity
  • Business constraints
  • Installation or commissioning time
  • Possible sectorisation of delivery drivers, etc.

The route description of each delivery driver is then sent to their smartphone or tablet for real-time tracking of the deliveries.

AntsRoute software optimises delivery routes.

Loading maximisation

The optimisation of the loading is a powerful way of reducing the number of miles travelled. In our software, you can set the capacity of each vehicle, refrigerated or standard, by:

  • Weight
  • Pallets
  • Volume
  • Number of units to be carried.

Analysis of vehicle loading rates on AntsRoute.

Analysis of average CO2 emissions per route on AntsRoute.

Analysis and monitoring of key figures (KPIs)

In our performance monitoring module, you can quickly find all the data you need to monitor and improve your results:

  • Data about planned, completed and cancelled routes
  • Statistics per driver
  • Evolution of fleet costs
  • CO2 emissions to calculate your carbon footprint, etc.

Analysis of average CO2 emissions per route on AntsRoute.

Easy appointment booking

Whatever your method of booking appointments, AntsRoute helps your customers to find the best time slots. Our software manages the planning of delivery appointments:

  • Between two dates
  • On incoming call
  • Imported from another application
  • From an Excel or CSV file.

We also offer white label sites to allow your customers to plan their deliveries online.

The weekly delivery schedule on AntsRoute

The sending of a notification from AntsRoute with a link to confirm or reschedule a delivery.

Efficient customer relationship management

Make the daily workloads of your teams easier by automating non-value-added tasks and improve your customers’ loyalty by offering them a flawless service!

  • E-mail or SMS reminder
  • Notifications when the driver is coming
  • Geolocation of the delivery drivers in real-time
  • Live tracking of the delivery by the customer
  • Electronic signature
  • Creation and sending of delivery notes
  • Service quality rating form, etc.

The sending of a notification from AntsRoute with a link to confirm or reschedule a delivery.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, without any problems! AntsRoute has all the useful features to manage this increasingly popular mode of transport in the city, regardless of the type of bike used: traditional, cargo, electric, etc.

You can be reassured that these two types of software are perfectly complementary. If you decide to use AntsRoute to optimise your routes, you can continue to work with your current software for orders, delivery notes and invoicing.
Even better! Our engineers have developed APIs and specific integrations to help you avoid unnecessary data entry and processing. This means that you can easily transfer to AntsRoute all orders and useful information from your usual solution or platform:

  • Odoo
  • Quickbooks
  • Prestashop
  • WooCommerce
  • Shopify
  • Excel
  • Google Agenda, Google Sheets, etc.

Yes, AntsRoute also handles pick-ups very well, including those of critical products such as biological samples.
Thanks to multiple customisable settings, our software adapts to the terminology used in your industry while taking into account your specific constraints: maximum transport time, regulated temperature, etc.

Our solution effectively meets the needs of professionals who make cold or hot meal deliveries. You can easily customise some parameters according to the type of vehicles used, particularly in the case of temperature-controlled vans.

It depends on what you mean by that. If your pizzeria offers a fast delivery service within a given time frame, our software is not really suitable for your business.
However, if the customers of your restaurant can order until 11.30 a.m., for example, and then your delivery drivers go out to deliver, our route optimisation software will boost their productivity!

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