Offer visibility allowing customers plan around deliveries

Provide a 5-star delivery experience to your customers with our easy-to-use and powerful all-in-one route optimisation solution. Communicate with your customers at every stage of the process.

  • Geotracking of orders
  • Autonomous rescheduling of deliveries
  • Automated sending of delivery notes

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Make it easier for customers to plan around deliveries

To avoid unsuccessful delivery attempts, AntsRoute offers an SMS or email notification system with customised messages that include the information of your choice. The end customer is reassured and can easily plan around his parcel delivery at the first attempt.

  • Reminder with the estimated time of arrival (ETA) one day before the delivery
  • Message when the delivery driver starts his route
  • Automated notification when the driver is on the way
  • Notifications triggered manually from the mobile application
  • Warning message if a delivery is cancelled

Let your customers reschedule deliveries on their own

In order to improve the first delivery attempt success, our system integrates systems to send notifications with links allowing the customers to confirm the time slot or to reschedule the delivery later if necessary.

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Reassure your customers with order geotracking

Add live tracking links in messages sent to customers when the delivery drivers start their route. The customers can see on a map the area where the driver is located in real time, track his arrival and know the number of persons to be delivered before him. AntsRoute makes it possible to customise the display of these tracking links to match your corporate image.

  • Customisation of display colours
  • Adding your corporate logo
  • Configuration of messages

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Show customers that their satisfaction matters

Thanks to AntsRoute, you can gather customer feedback about the quality of services. Automate the sending of an SMS or email 30 minutes after the validation of the delivery by your driver to let the customer rate the quality of the service and make recommendations for improvement. Analyse the data collected to improve the customer satisfaction and improve customer loyalty.

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AntsRoute delivery note

Send PDF delivery notes to your customers

Automate the sending of PDF delivery reports to your customers 30 minutes after the delivery completion. Thanks to the data sent by your drivers, you generate white-label delivery notes that can be customised and contain the information of your choice: electronic signature of the customer, photos of the package, comments, description of the items delivered, date and time of the delivery, etc.

Sophie Rebai
Administrative Manager at SRS Services

When the retailer gives us the day and address of the delivery, we have to set a time slot within 48 to 72 hours. We communicate the delivery slot to the customer 24 to 48 hours beforehand by SMS. Sometimes we still have unsuccessful deliveries at first attempt, but it has become much less frequent since we have AntsRoute.

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