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Benefit from a simple and innovative all-in-one solution to efficiently manage the scheduling of your delivery routes, improve the tracking of your drivers in the field and make the administrative management of your business easier.

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Planning steps in AntsRoute

Make delivery scheduling easier

Benefit from several smart scheduling methods which take into account the deliveries already scheduled, the availability of customers and your business constraints.

  • Import of Excel files with the data of the orders
  • Integration of an order management tool or an ERP
  • Sending of orders from your e-commerce site
  • Scheduling of deliveries with deadlines
  • Scheduling of deliveries with recurrences

Assign deliveries according to your constraints

Plan feasible routes which take into account the professional skills and availability of your drivers. In just a few clicks, you can define in AntsRoute all the specificities of your business and customers.

Delivery drivers

  • Starting locations of the drivers
  • Days off and absences
  • Working hours and breaks
  • Occupancy rate of the schedule
  • Cost per hour for each driver
  • Type of licence and authorisations
  • Sectorisation of delivery staff


  • Type of vehicle (van, bicycle…)
  • Loading capacities
  • Vehicle height
  • Cost of use per km
  • Cost per hour for each driver
  • Quantity of CO2 emissions
  • Maintenance required
  • Parking place


  • Opening hours
  • Favorite delivery driver
  • Recurring deliveries

Schedule optimised routes

Thanks to the algorithms developed by AntsRoute engineers, you can optimise your delivery routes in a few seconds. Assign only the drivers you need or mobilise all your employees by creating balanced schedules.

  • View of the routes of your drivers on a map
  • Overview of upcoming deliveries for each driver
  • Overview of the weekly calendar
  • Access to the delivery details (ETA, Status…)
  • Possibility to change the order of the stops in a route
  • Possibility to assign a delivery to another driver

AntsRoute dashboard showing routes on a map

Planning of deliveries in AntsRoute

Optimise your pick-up & delivery routes

Schedule routes taking into account multiple returns to the warehouse or stops at addresses different from your warehouse to unload and reload goods. When planning routes, AntsRoute maximises the loading rate of vehicles and ensures that each vehicle has enough capacity to pick up extra parcels or goods.

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Make it easy to assign last-minute orders

AntsRoute makes it easy to respond to requests for additional deliveries or pick-ups. The task is smartly assigned to an ongoing route without disrupting the smooth running of the operations.

Smart assignment of the work step

The tool ranks the preferred routes to reduce travel time and the cost of this extra step. The new task is inserted into the selected driver’s route.

Update of the driver’s planning

The delivery driver’s route can be re-optimised according to the defined settings. The driver receive a push notification via the AntsRoute mobile application.

AntsRoute interface showing the planning of a step

Track your delivery drivers with live geolocation

Thanks to our geolocation system, your schedulers can track the delivery drivers in real time from a single interface and react quickly to elements of surprise. You can change the routes at any time, even if the drivers have already started their routes.

  • Know the status of each delivery – late, on time, completed
  • View the estimated time of arrival and the time of completion
  • The system recalculates the remaining route when customers are absent
  • Postpone the delivery to the end of the route

Limit the number of failed deliveries

Eliminate the no-shows which waste your time, energy and money. To help you reduce the number of no-shows, AntsRoute offers several functionalities.

Booking website

An online booking system, available 24/7, which enables the customer to choose directly the delivery time slot.

Rescheduling link

A system for sending notifications with a link offering the customer the possibility to confirm or reschedule the delivery time.

Make the administrative management of your deliveries easier

Thanks to the AntsRoute mobile application, which is available to your drivers, you no longer need to print out paper itineraries or chase after signed delivery notes.

Customise the display of delivery notes

From the web interface, you can customise the display of delivery notes and select the information to be displayed: order number, customer account reference, etc.

Automate the data feedback

The driver fills in the information requested via the mobile application when validating a step. The data is automatically sent to the web interface.

Automated sending of delivery notes

The delivery notes are generated in PDF format and sent to the customer 30 minutes after the delivery completion.

AntsRoute delivery note

Calculation of the average cost per route in the AntsRoute software

Analyse performance indicators

Thanks to the route data, access all the relevant indicators to help you make the best decisions for your business:

  • Planning occupancy rate
  • Average distance travelled per delivery
  • Average cost per route and per delivery
  • On-time service rate
  • Level of customer satisfaction

Maïté Galou
Co-founder of Licorne Express

The use of this software has helped us to make deliveries 40-50% faster. AntsRoute also allows us to handle larger number of deliveries on peak days such as Mother’s Day or Christmas.

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