Track the progress of deliveries in real time

Check at a glance that your delivery routes are running smoothly and prevent disputes with our delivery tracking software, which is suitable for all businesses.

  • Transport of goods
  • Couriers
  • VSE & SME


The AntsRoute Scan application ensures that parcels are loaded in the right order.

Load parcels quickly and easily

With the AntsRoute Scan application, delivery staff simply scan the labels to find out in which order to load and unload parcels. It’s a handy way of retrieving all the key information from a simple barcode!

  • Customer name
  • Estimated date and time of delivery
  • Registration number of the vehicle to be loaded.

The AntsRoute Scan application ensures that parcels are loaded in the right order.

Geolocate goods in seconds

Put an end to multiple phone calls to find out where your customer’s package is and when it will be delivered! Our all-in-one software comes with either Waze or Google Maps to keep track of all your deliveries:

  • Package geolocation
  • Planned delivery time (ETA)
  • Recalculated delivery time.

Geolocation of delivery drivers using the AntsRoute mobile application.

The AntsRoute interface shows the progress of delivery drivers.

View the route progress live

Our delivery management software also includes clear and user-friendly dashboards, so you can check each driver’s progress in real time:

  • On-time deliveries
  • Late deliveries
  • Shipments completed
  • Shipments cancelled
  • Unassigned orders.

The AntsRoute interface shows the progress of delivery drivers.

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Keep customers updated in real time

To save time for customer service, set up automated tracking notifications sent by email or text message. If you wish, drivers can also trigger manual notifications from the mobile application:

  • Driver on the way
  • Delivery delayed
  • New delivery time.

The live tracking of delivery driver's arrival with AntsRoute.

The AntsRoute mobile application can be used to capture proofs of delivery.

Capture proof of delivery efficiently

Put an end to the drudgery of delivery reports! To speed up invoicing and avoid upstream disputes, drivers can capture proofs of delivery directly from the mobile application:

  • Capture signature of the customer
  • Photos of the condition of the goods
  • Photos of drop-off location in case of absence.

The AntsRoute mobile application can be used to capture proofs of delivery.

Assign or cancel deliveries in ongoing routes

A last-minute delivery? An accident or an unexpected absence? AntsRoute offers you key features for reorganising routes in real time and ensuring the deliveries that can’t wait!

1. Analysis of possibilities

The software analyses and compares alternative scenarios and shows you the best solutions.

2. Re-optimisation of routes

The itineraries of all the drivers concerned are updated in real time.

3. Information for customers

A personalised message keeps customers updated about the new date or time.

Send delivery notes as quickly as possible

Just 30 minutes after delivery completion, you can automatically send your customers a complete, personalised report containing all the relevant information:

  • Date and time of visit
  • Address of delivery
  • Signature
  • Photos
  • Delivery person’s comments, etc.

Delivery note template sent with the AntsRoute application.

Analysis of route data on AntsRoute.

Monitor the right figures to improve your performance

In addition to tracking deliveries in real time, our software also includes dashboards that are perfect for identifying margins for progress, improving your performance and delivering to customers ever more quickly!

  • Number of routes completed
  • Rate of cancelled deliveries
  • Rate of on-time shipments
  • Reason for cancellations
  • Average cost per delivery
  • Total cost of routes
  • Statistics about carried capacities, etc.

Analysis of route data on AntsRoute.

Managing your deliveries from A to Z. Just one solution.

Use one single solution to manage your routes, from planning orders to receiving goods from your customers.

Manage your last mile deliveries in a few clicks

Provide your dispatchers with an all-in-one platform for organising routes with ease and in record time.

Support your delivery drivers in the field

Make daily work easier for your drivers by providing them with paperless journey sheets, available via the AntsRoute mobile app.

Give your customers visibility over their orders

Thanks to our automated notification system, you can provide your customers with real-time information, enabling them to get organised for the delivery.

A solution designed for every working environment

For every software

Thanks to multiple integration solutions, you can easily connect AntsRoute to your favourite software: Shopify, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, Odoo, Excel, etc.

For every device

Download AntsRoute from the App Store and Google Play. The application is available for all devices: Android phones and tablets, iPhone, iPad, etc.

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