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Make the daily work of your drivers easier with routes available on the AntsRoute mobile application. Encourage the autonomy of your workforce, while keeping complete control of your business in the field.

The AntsRoute platform makes work easier for your delivery drivers.


The AntsRoute mobile application showing delivery details.

Access customer and delivery details

The AntsRoute mobile application, available on iOS and Android, gives your drivers access to their routes. Your drivers can get all the relevant data about customers and deliveries.

  • Overview of the route and the miles to be travelled on a map
  • List of customers to be delivered with addresses and contact details
  • Button to call the customer without dialling the number
  • Button to send SMS or email notification
  • Attachments for easier delivery
  • Comments on accessibility, person to contact, place to drop off the parcel in case of absence, access code…

The AntsRoute mobile application showing delivery details.

Use Waze or Google Maps navigation

The AntsRoute mobile application integrates Waze and Google Maps navigation tools to indicate to the driver the best route to the next delivery address.

The AntsRoute mobile application showing a route on a map.

AntsRoute mobile application showing delivery stops.

Display the updated routes in real time

If there are traffic jams, delivery cancellations or last-minute requests, AntsRoute will update the routes of your drivers. Thanks to the mobile application, your drivers get push notifications on their smartphone when the route is updated.

  • Validate delivery completion
  • Validate arrival at the customer’s address to know the actual duration of a delivery
  • Cancel a delivery in case of absence
  • Postpone a stop at the end of the route
  • Push notification in case of changes
  • Offline access

AntsRoute mobile application showing delivery stops.

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Features that simplify your daily work and that of your drivers

To help you save time and boost productivity, AntsRoute offers innovative functions.

AntsRoute Scan app

The AntsRoute Scan app scans each parcel to be delivered to load them in the right order onto the right vehicle.

Know the actual duration of a delivery

Thanks to double validation from the mobile application, you can know how long your driver actually spends at a customer’s premises.

Confirm delivery of items

Ask your drivers to validate the delivery of each package and to indicate its status (delivered in conformity, delivered with anomaly, not delivered).

Automate the sending of proofs of delivery

Thanks to the automated sending of proofs of delivery, your drivers avoid paperwork and you prevent any possible disputes. At the moment of the validation or cancellation of steps from the mobile application, all the proofs of delivery are transferred to the AntsRoute web interface:

  • Signature of the customer
  • Photos to show the condition of the package
  • Comments with other information
  • Custom fields
  • Barcode or QR code
  • State of items.

The AntsRoute mobile application showing the validation of a delivery.

The AntsRoute mobile application showing how to plan a delivery.

Give new responsibilities to delivery workers

From the AntsRoute web interface, you can choose to let your drivers carry out certain actions through the mobile application:

  • Access the history of deliveries completed for each customer
  • Plan deliveries from the app
  • Display the schedule for the next days

The AntsRoute mobile application showing how to plan a delivery.

Managing your deliveries from A to Z. Just one solution.

Use one single solution to manage your routes, from planning orders to receiving goods from your customers.

Manage your last mile deliveries in a few clicks

Provide your dispatchers with an all-in-one platform for organising routes with ease and in record time.

Give your customers visibility over their orders

Thanks to our automated notification system, you can provide your customers with real-time information, enabling them to get organised for the delivery.

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The home delivery sector is open and highly competitive. The strength of Tech Express is its adaptability. Thanks to AntsRoute, we can adapt precisely to the requests of our customers and work transparently and very efficiently.

Farid Saidani
Chief Operating Officer

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