Make it easier to organise your home care routes

Benefit from an all-in-one platform to efficiently schedule your home care routes based on the constraints of your work, support healthcare workers in the field and make the administrative management of your business easier.

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Planning of visits in AntsRoute

Benefit from several visit scheduling methods

Use the smart scheduling method that best matches your in-house operations. Ensure that the visits already scheduled, the time slots preferred by the patients, the specific skills needed to provide the care and all your business constraints are taken into account.

  • Import of CSV or Excel files with the details of visits
  • Integration with your ERP using our API
  • Sending of a patient database from your CRM
  • Scheduling of visits one by one on incoming call
  • Scheduling of visits to be completed before a deadline
  • Scheduling of recurring home cares
  • White label 24/7 online appointment booking site

Set up your work constraints and those of your patients

Assign operations to your caregivers according to the type of service, specific skills required, availability of the medical team and patients. You can set up all the specificities of the field workers and those of your patients in AntsRoute.

Healthcare workers

  • Starting location of workers
  • Days off and absences
  • Working hours and breaks
  • Occupancy rate of the schedule
  • Cost per hour of each caregiver
  • Type of skills
  • Sectorisation of caregivers


  • Type of vehicle (van, bicycle…)
  • Loading capacity
  • Cost of use per km
  • Cost per hour for each agent
  • Quantity of CO2 emissions
  • Maintenance required
  • Parking place


  • Availability times
  • Favourite caregiver
  • Frequency of care

Plan the best home care itineraries

The power of our algorithms makes it possible to schedule optimised home care routes in just a few clicks. Mobilise only the necessary healthcare workers or all your employees by sharing the workload between them. Visit more patients every day without increasing the number of healthcare providers.

  • View the routes of your workers on a map
  • Overview of upcoming visits for each health care provider
  • Overview of the weekly calendar
  • Access to visit details (duration, ETA, status…)
  • Possibility to change the order of the stops in a route
  • Possibility to assign a visit to another worker

AntsRoute dashboard showing routes

Track the health professionals using geolocation

The administrators and team managers can track the medical workers in real time on a map. Thanks to our geolocation system, you can react quickly to elements of surprise. You can change the routes of medical professionals at any time, even when the routes have already started.

  • Access the status of the steps (late, on time, completed)
  • View the expected time of arrival (ETA) and the time of completion
  • Assign visits to colleagues in case of absence

Make emergency management easier

AntsRoute makes it easy to respond to requests for emergency visits and any other last-minute requests. The scheduler can insert the additional visit into an ongoing route without disrupting the smooth running of the operations.

Assigning the visit

The tool ranks the best routes to minimise travel and the cost of the visit, while ensuring that the healthcare worker has the required skills to carry out the care.

Updating the schedule

The route can be re-optimised according to the settings. A push notification is sent to the caregiver via the mobile application.

AntsRoute dashboard showing the planning of visits

Calendar of visits in the AntsRoute software

Respect the scheduled time of visit and frequency of care

By planning balanced home visit routes, your medical teams respect the arrival times communicated to patients and reduce the number of late appointments. Thanks to our home visit management tool, you can respect the frequency of nursing care.

  • Estimated duration of the care to be provided
  • Time slots with medical requirements
  • Usual traffic jams
  • Waiting times and formalities imposed

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Digitise your service reports

Thanks to the AntsRoute mobile application, you no longer need to print out paper itineraries or chase after signed service reports. Automate the editing of service reports and facilitate the SESAM-Vitale billing cycle.

Set up the display of reports

From the web interface, customise the display of reports and choose the information to be displayed.

Automate the feedback of data

When validating a step, the caregiver fills in the required information on the mobile application. The data is sent to the web interface.

Automate the sending of reports

The reports are generated in PDF format and sent to the patient 30 minutes after the visit of the healthcare provider.

Service report sent with AntsRoute

Reduce unnecessary kilometres travelled

Thanks to our route planning tool, you can reduce the number of missed appointments which waste a lot of time and energy: unnecessary kilometres travelled, frustrated health teams, etc. To help you reduce the number of patients who are absent at the time of the appointment, AntsRoute offers :

Booking website

An online booking system, available 24/7, allowing the patient to schedule an appointment at home according to the constraints you have defined.

Rescheduling link

A system for sending notifications with a link enabling the patient to confirm the appointment or reschedule the visit later.

Calculation of the on-time service rate in AntsRoute

Identify areas for improvement using route indicators

Thanks to the feedback of data from the field, you have access to a set of indicators allowing you to make the best decisions for your organisation:

  • Occupancy rate of the healthcare workers’ schedule
  • Average distance travelled per visit
  • Average CO2 emission per visit
  • Average cost per route or visit
  • On time service rate

Nathalie Michon
Logistics Manager, Synlab Nouvelle-Aquitaine

AntsRoute is a very valuable tool for optimising our logistics routes and for tracking the samples collected in real time. I couldn’t manage my routes without it! If there is an element of surprise during the route, with Antsroute, we can trace everything with photos if necessary.

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