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Facilitate the daily work of your healthcare workers with paperless itineraries available on the AntsRoute mobile application. Automate the sending of service reports.

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Details of a visit on the AntsRoute application

Access medical files of patients and information on the care to be provided

From the AntsRoute mobile application, available on Android and iOS, healthcare workers can retrieve the steps of their itineraries and access patient and care visit details:

  • Overview of the route and the number of kilometres to be travelled
  • List of patients to visit with their addresses and contact details
  • Button to call the patient without dialling the number
  • Button to trigger the sending of a notification
  • Data necessary to provide the care
  • Attachments
  • Access in offline mode

Use Waze or Google Maps navigation

The AntsRoute mobile application is integrated with Waze and Google Maps navigation tools. With the GPS tools, your caregiver can visualise the route to the next appointment location.

AntsRoute mobile application showing a route on a map

List of visits on the AntsRoute mobile application

Get real time updated schedules

If there are traffic problems, cancellations or emergencies, AntsRoute updates the routes of your medical teams. Thanks to the mobile application, caregivers receive a push notification on their smartphone when their route is updated.

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Automate the sending of work reports

Automate the sending of work reportsThe automated sending of work reports to the administrative manager ensures that caregivers do not lose any documents. When a step is validated or cancelled from the mobile application, the data is sent back to the web interface:

  • Electronic signature of the patient
  • Photos
  • Comments about the care provided
  • Number of samples collected
  • Barcode or QR code

Proof of service on the AntsRoute mobile application

Planning a visit on the AntsRoute mobile application

Assign other tasks to your medical staff

From the AntsRoute web interface, you can decide to let your caregivers carry out some actions on the mobile application:

  • Access the history of visits already completed
  • Schedule the next appointment
  • View the schedule for the coming days

Tanguy Rossier
Chief Operating Officer – FBP Médical

Thanks to the link to live track the field workers on a map, I can achieve the most advanced standards in terms of medical equipment delivery. Thanks to AntsRoute, FBP Medical can achieve the same level of customer satisfaction as large companies like Amazon, Ikea, Carrefour, etc.

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