Make it easier to organise the route of your mobile workforce

Let your operations manager or dispatcher schedule, optimise, track and analyse your delivery or field service from a single dashboard.

The AntsRoute platform simplifies the organisation of service and delivery routes.


The planning of routes on AntsRoute.

Schedule deliveries or work orders easily

Smartly assign orders to your field workers in a few seconds according to the tasks already planned, the time slots required by the customers, the specific skills and availability of your drivers.

  • Upload orders from an Excel or CSV file
  • Integration with your ERP system
  • Import customer database from your CRM
  • Schedule orders on incoming calls
  • Manage working hours and breaks of drivers
  • Define starting and finishing addresses
  • Manage vehicle load capacities

The planning of routes on AntsRoute.

Functions designed to boost your business

AntsRoute offers features to reduce no-shows, which cost you a lot of time, energy and money. The tool also meets the needs of professionals who organise pick-up and delivery routes or complete periodic service jobs.

24/7 booking site

Let customers schedule orders online 24/7 by choosing the type of job, the date and the time slot.

Recurring field services

Respect the frequencies of visits defined in the contracts – daily, weekly or monthly.

Pick-up & Delivery

Schedule routes with loading, delivery, pickup and unloading stops or with several returns to the warehouse.

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Determine the best routes in seconds

The power of our algorithms lets your schedulers and operations managers get optimised routes in a few minutes. Before optimising the routes, you can enable the taking into account of the usual traffic conditions based on the data record.

  • Map view of your field worker’s routes
  • Overview of upcoming planning for each driver
  • Overview of the weekly route calendar
  • Details of the work orders – duration, ETA, status, etc.
  • Type of material used or product consumed
  • Reorder the steps of a route if necessary
  • Assign a stop to another driver if necessary

The optimisation of routes on AntsRoute.

Live tracking of field workers on AntsRoute

Track your field workers in real time using geolocation

By using our geolocation system, you can know where your drivers are in real time and respond quickly in case of unforeseen events or emergencies. The routes can be updated at any time, even if the field workers have already started their routes.

  • Status update – on time or delayed
  • View estimated time of arrival and time of delivery
  • Recalculate routes when changes are made
  • Respect the scheduled time of orders
  • Limit the number of delayed orders

Live tracking of field workers on AntsRoute

Assign last minute work orders easily

Our system lets schedulers assign last minute orders, even if the routes have started, without disrupting the smooth running of the business:

Assign the extra stop smartly

AntsRoute determines the best routes to limit extra travelling time. After being validated, the task is inserted into the route of the selected field worker.

Update the driver’s route

The route is reoptimised in a few seconds according to the defined settings. The field worker gets push notification on his smartphone with the mobile application.

Assigning a last-minute stop into a route on AntsRoute.

Streamline your business processes

Thanks to the AntsRoute mobile application, which is designed for your field workers, you no longer need to print out paper roadmaps, or run after signed delivery notes or work reports.

Set up the display of reports

From the web interface, the scheduler can customize the display of the work reports and determine what information should be displayed.

Automate data feedback

At the time of completing an order, the field worker fills in the requested information using the mobile application. The data is sent to the web interface in real time.

Automate the sending of reports

The delivery notes or service reports are exported in PDF format and sent to the customer 30 minutes after the delivery.

Analysis of route indicators on AntsRoute.

Track the performance of your workforce

From the web interface, you can access useful indicators to help you make the best decisions for your business:

  • Planning occupancy rate
  • Average miles travelled per order
  • Average CO2 emission per route
  • Average cost per route and order
  • On-time service rate
  • Level of customer satisfaction

Analysis of route indicators on AntsRoute.

Manage your routes from A to Z. Just one solution.

You can use our services only for the scheduling and optimisation of your routes, but you can also get support for managing your field workers and communicating with your customers.

Boost the customer experience

Retain your customers by offering them the 5-star experience. Respect deadlines and meet their expectations from the very first visit.

Support your workforce in the field

Make the daily operations of your field workers easier with paperless roadmaps available through the mobile application AntsRoute.

Join +3,000 businesses who use AntsRoute

The home delivery sector is open and highly competitive. The strength of Tech Express is its adaptability. Thanks to AntsRoute, we can adapt precisely to the requests of our customers and work transparently and very efficiently.

Farid Saidani
Chief Operating Officer

Integrate AntsRoute with the tools you already use

If you already have a CRM or ERP system to manage your orders, customers or invoicing, use our API to connect these systems to your AntsRoute account. You can also take advantage of our integrations with many other applications: WooCommerce, Odoo, Zapier, etc.

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