Support your workforce in the field

Make the daily operations of your field workers easier with paperless roadmaps available through the mobile application AntsRoute. Thanks to the app, you make your workforce more autonomous and keep complete control of your business in the field.

The AntsRoute platform simplifies the day-to-day work of field staff during their journeys.


A paperless route map on the AntsRoute mobile application.

Get paperless roadmaps with access in offline mode

The AntsRoute mobile application, available on iOS and Android, gives your field workers access to their daily routes and lets them validate each task in the most efficient way.

  • Access to customer details
  • Button to call the customer without dialling the phone number
  • Button to trigger the sending of a notification
  • Waze or Google Maps navigation to the next stop
  • Routes updated in real time when changes are made
  • Access to work order details
  • Access in offline mode

A paperless route map on the AntsRoute mobile application.

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Give your field workers new responsibilities

From the AntsRoute web interface, you can let your field workers carry out some actions through the mobile application.

  • Access the planning for upcoming days
  • Access the history of work orders already completed
  • Schedule work orders from the app

Planning an appointment from the AntsRoute mobile application.

Proofs of visit captured on the AntsRoute mobile application.

Automate the sending of work report or proof of delivery

The automated sending of work order reports enables your field workforce to avoid paperwork and to prevent possible disputes. Once the driver validates a work order or delivery from the mobile application, the proof of delivery is sent to the web interface:

  • Capture customer signature
  • Capture photos proving that the work order was successful
  • Comments to provide more information
  • Custom fields filled in by the field worker
  • Barcode or QR code

Proofs of visit captured on the AntsRoute mobile application.

Manage your routes from A to Z. Just one solution.

Beyond supporting your field workers, you can use our services to optimise routes and communicate with your customers.

Boost the customer experience

Retain your customers by offering them the 5-star experience. Respect deadlines and meet their expectations from the very first visit.

Make it easier to organise routes

Easily assign work orders to your field workforce thanks to complete management of business constraints.

Join +3,000 businesses who use AntsRoute

The home delivery sector is open and highly competitive. The strength of Tech Express is its adaptability. Thanks to AntsRoute, we can adapt precisely to the requests of our customers and work transparently and very efficiently.

Farid Saidani
Chief Operating Officer

Connect AntsRoute with the tools you already use

If you already have a CRM or ERP system to manage your orders, customers or invoicing, use our API to connect these systems to your AntsRoute account. You can also take advantage of our integrations with many other applications: WooCommerce, Odoo, Zapier, etc.

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