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Save time in the organisation of your field operations and facilitate the daily work of field healthcare providers with our SaaS home care management software.

  • Optimised and balanced routes in seconds
  • Criteria of patients and business constraints
  • Paperless routes for your caregivers
  • Automated sending of work reports

The AntsRoute platform simplifies route planning for home Health Care Professionals.


Innovative platform to provide an outstanding home visiting healthcare service.

Make the patient care management easier

The ageing of the population is accelerating and is leading to a growing number of people with chronic illnesses who require healthcare at home.

The professionals providing care and home help to the elderly and disabled people are facing recurring problems: lack of attractiveness of the people care professions, limited financial resources, high staff turnover, etc.

Consequently, in order to meet this increasing demand for care, health care providers need to limit unnecessary travelled miles between visits in order to serve more patients without lowering the quality of care provided.

Efficient platform to simplify the daily life of home nurses, social workers and Allied Health Care Professionals.

Improve field healthcare workers satisfaction

The demand for home care is increasing, and health care providers are struggling to hire enough workers. The people care professions are not attractive enough.

The companies and associations must quickly find solutions to prevent staff from leaving and to retain health workers.

To improve their working conditions, you must calculate balanced and feasible routes which reduce the time spent by caregivers on the road.

The platform offers quality home healthcare service to patient.

Ensure the quality of patient care

Respecting the frequency and duration of patient care is an essential requirement for its effectiveness. However, between occasional patients, long-term patients, the multiple types of care provided with variable durations and skills required, the task is sometimes extremely difficult.

To respect the frequency of visits and the time of arrival communicated to the patients, you need to calculate feasible routes that take into account all your business constraints.

Biological sampling

Simplify the planning of biological sample collections with our easy-to-use route optimisation software.

Healthcare provider

Make it easy to plan your recurrent visits for home healthcare or oxygen therapy with our all-in-one route management system.

Hospitalisation at home

Plan your visits for hospitalisation at home with ease, integrating all the medical constraints with our comprehensive and innovative software.

Make it easier to organise home healthcare

Provide your administrators with a single interface to optimise the planning of field healthcare professionals. Let them schedule and optimise visits, track the caregivers in the field and analyse route indicators.

  • Assign visits according to the specificities of your organisation.
  • Plan balanced routes using data from Excel or ERP files.
  • Support healthcare professionals in the field.
  • Automate the sending of work reports.
  • Analyse the performance indicators of your organisation.

Dashboard of a route planning officer on AntsRoute with the creation of optimized home healthcare visit routes.

Serve more patients

Minimise driving time between two visits with optimal route planning.

Reassure your patients

Facilitate the sending of useful information to your patients thanks to an automated notification system.

Save time

Make it easier to optimise routes thanks to a better management of time constraints and skills of caregivers.

Limit your carbon footprint

Limit your carbon emissions by avoiding unnecessary journeys between two appointments.

Dashboard of Health Care Professionals on AntsRoute with proof of visit transmission.

Support healthcare workers in the field

The AntsRoute mobile application enables healthcare providers, nurses or Allied Health Care Professionals to retrieve all the information about the samples or care to be provided. The application displays the itineraries on a map and makes it easy to communicate with administrative managers and patients. If there is an emergency, the planning is updated live and caregivers can directly schedule the next visit.

  • Access GPS navigation to the next step.
  • Get information about the care to be provided.
  • Automate the sending of work report.
  • Plan the appointments from the mobile app.

Dashboard of Health Care Professionals on AntsRoute with proof of visit transmission.

Improve the quality of services provided to your patients

Reassure your patients by offering them optimal care. You communicate in real time all the information needed for the patient to get organised and you meet their needs from the very first visit thanks to optimal management of the skills of your healthcare staff and General Practitioners.

  • SMS or email notifications with custom messages.
  • Reminder of the expected arrival time of the caregiver.
  • Link to reschedule an appointment if not available.
  • Sending of reports 30 minutes after the visit.
  • 24/7 online booking site.

Platform that offers patients quality home visiting healthcare service.

Integrate AntsRoute with your ERP

If you already have tools to manage your visits, patients or invoicing, benefit from our integrations with other applications. Connect your ERP to AntsRoute using our API.

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Synlab talks about its use of AntsRoute home healthcare visit management software.

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AntsRoute is a very valuable tool for optimising our logistics routes and for tracking the samples collected in real time. I couldn’t manage my routes without it! If there is an element of surprise during the route, we can trace everything with AntsRoute. For example, it’s possible to add photos if necessary.

Nathalie Michon
Logistics Manager at Synlab

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