The loading or unloading operations made at the same address are now grouped together in a single step on the AntsRoute mobile application.
You can now access statistics about the ratings and reviews sent by your customers following your delivery or service.
AntsRoute lets you validate the start of each work order on the mobile application, and thus know the actual duration of the tasks.
To view only some information in the work order tables, AntsRoute provides filters, and now you can save these filters.
Thanks to this connector, you can synchronise your data between your Odoo ERP and AntsRoute without any manual entry or time-consuming imports.
Thanks to the new version of AntsRoute, view all of your delivery or field service routes for a given week at a glance.
The AntsRoute add-on for the popular WooCommerce plugin now enables your customers to choose a delivery date and time slot.
Thanks to the latest update of the AntsRoute software, you can now enable your carriers to download consignment notes from the mobile application.
Thanks to the latest update of the AntsRoute software, you can motivate your teams in the field by giving them new responsibilities.

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