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Decrease the carbon footprint of your last-mile deliveries and field service operations without driving up costs, thanks to our route management platform.

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At 28% of CO2 emissions, transport is the 2nd biggest source of polluting emissions in Europe. In cities, a quarter of the greenhouse gases emitted are due to the transport of goods. Faced with the acceleration of global warming, public authorities and consumers are multiplying incentives for more responsible route management.

28 %
of CO2 emissions

of CO2 emissions in cities

AntsRoute provides all the functions you need to reduce pollutant emissions and the number of miles travelled, so you can offer your customers more eco-friendly deliveries and services.

Plan your deliveries or field services sustainably

AntsRoute offers a “scored” work order planning system that enables our users to limit the CO2 emissions of each delivery or service to be carried out before even starting to optimise their routes.

When planning a task, the available time slots are ranked according to their carbon impact. The user can see an estimate of the number of extra miles to be travelled between two stops for each availability.

Optimisation of two routes on the AntsRoute interface, with a reduction in CO2 emissions.

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Planning of routes with vehicle occupancy rates.

Optimise your routes and vehicle loading rate

To avoid unnecessary journeys or empty runs, our tool automatically calculates the best route based on your customers’ requests and a number of other factors:

  • Traffic history
  • Already planned work orders
  • Duration of jobs
  • Required visit times
  • Working hours of drivers
  • Capacity of vehicles
  • Geographical distance

Planning of routes with vehicle occupancy rates.

Increase the first attempt delivery or visit rate

To limit first attempt delivery or visit failures to the customer as much as possible, which is disastrous for the environment, you can enter:

  • The usual reception times for your customers
  • Preferred time slots for visits
  • The phone number of the customer for sending notifications

Message allowing the customer to confirm or reschedule the driver's visit.

The construction of optimised routes for electric vehicles.

Create routes adapted to different types of engine

AntsRoute was established to provide the best possible management of the different types of engine used in fleets, particularly electric and natural gas. If your fleet includes electric vehicles, for example, your team can:

  • Set autonomy and charge time
  • Define minimum and maximum charging thresholds
  • Take into account the location of charging stations

The construction of optimised routes for electric vehicles.

Analyse the carbon footprint of your routes

AntsRoute offers a set of indicators on the carbon emissions linked to your activity. By analysing these statistics, you can measure the CO2 savings you are making with AntsRoute.

  • CO2 emissions per task
  • CO2 emissions per route
  • Amount of CO2 emitted per driver

Diagram showing CO2 emissions per route.

For the earth, the best kilometre is the one you don’t drive

The environment is at the heart of our concerns. In fact, it was in response to these new climatic and societal changes that we decided to found AntsRoute. We have developed solutions that enable companies of all sizes to revolutionise the way they organise their field service or last-mile delivery routes, with a positive impact on the earth.

Marc Grojean
CEO at AntsRoute

Improve working conditions for your teams

By taking multiple constraints into account, AntsRoute enables you to calculate reliable and balanced itineraries, while limiting the risk of unforeseen events, and therefore of unplanned overtime at the end of the route. By using AntsRoute, you can ease the pressure on drivers’ shoulders and gradually restore their satisfaction.

Add proof of visit to a customer from the AntsRoute mobile application.

Together, we can reduce carbon emissions in the last mile

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