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The simple offer to start with productivity gains.

24 EUR
50% off for 1 month

12 EUR
/month /vehicle Excl. VAT
No commitment

  • Import of Excel files with work orders to schedule
  • Management of working hours, breaks & starting and ending locations
  • Management of the customer database
  • Optimisation of multi-driver routes
  • Synchronisation of calendars (Outlook, Google Calendar, iOS)
  • Live tracking of field workers using geolocation
  • Android and iOS mobile application for drivers
  • Export of PDF routes
  • History of routes
  • Help centre and live chat


The ideal offer to digitise your business from start to finish.

48 EUR
50% off for 1 month

24 EUR
/month /vehicle Excl. VAT
No commitment

All the features of Lite, plus

  • Scheduling of orders one by one on incoming calls
  • Scheduling of orders by priority of due date or type
  • Management of recurring operations
  • Import of orders from PrestaShop, WooCommerce, Shopify and Odoo
  • Management of vehicle loading capacities
  • Sending of proofs of delivery using the mobile application
  • E-mail or SMS notifications to customers at each stage
  • Configuration of work reports or delivery notes
  • Statistics about the routes
  • Management of user roles
  • API Rest and webhooks
  • 1 hour of training during the first month (€450 excl. tax for 4 extra hours)

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The complete offer to boost customer relations.

68 EUR
50% off for 1 month

34 EUR
/month /vehicle Excl. VAT
No commitment

All the features of Essential, plus

  • White label 24/7 online appointment booking website
  • Optimisation of pickup & delivery routes
  • Optimisation of routes with sectorisation of drivers
  • Management of the steps’ status (pending or confirmed)
  • Link allowing customers to confirm or reschedule the visit
  • Link allowing customers to live track the drivers
  • Link allowing customers to rate the quality of services


The customised offer to integrate AntsRoute into your in-house system.

88 EUR
50% off for 1 month

44 EUR
/month /vehicle Excl. VAT
No commitment

All the features of Pro, plus

  • White label interface for shops
  • Configuration of indicators
  • Custom import file (ERP)
  • Application for loading dock management
  • Premium support

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The services included in our offers

The Lite, Essential, Pro and Enterprise plans include all the services below.


Your database and associated processing are securely hosted.


One single interface to organise your routes, support your drivers and improve your customer relations.


Our platform is available in English, French, Spanish and German and will soon be available in Italian.


Our support team is available to help you (live chat, phone or email).

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24 EUR
50% off for 1 month

12 EUR
/month /vehicle Excl. VAT

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48 EUR
50% off for 1 month

24 EUR
/month /vehicle Excl. VAT

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68 EUR
50% off for 1 month

34 EUR
/month /vehicle Excl. VAT

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88 EUR
50% off for 1 month

44 EUR
/month /vehicle Excl. VAT

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Scheduling of work orders

Import of files with work orders

Import of files with routes

Scheduling of work orders one by one

Scheduling of work orders over several days

Management of recurring work operations

24/7 online appointment booking site

Interface designed for shops


Custom fields

Optimisation of routes

Optimisation of multi-driver routes

Optimisation of routes with sectorisation

Optimisation with several returns to the warehouse

Pickup & Delivery

Modification of optimised routes

Display of routes on map

Display of daily route calendar

Display of weekly route calendar

Export of PDF routes

Export of XLS routes

Synchronisation of calendars

Management of the work order status

Constraints taken into account


Availabilities of customers

Working hours and breaks of field workers

Starting and ending locations of field workers

Absences of field workers

Skills of field workers

Duration of each work order

Loading capacities of vehicles

Tracking of ongoing routes

Real time geolocation of field workers

Status of work orders

Delay time calculation

Scheduling of last minute work orders

Proof of delivery

Automated sending of work reports

Android & iOS mobile application

List of tasks to complete

Waze or Google Maps navigation

Validation of steps

Proof of delivery feedback

Planning of the upcoming days

Scheduling of orders from the mobile app

Label printing with barcodes

Loading dock management application

Analysis of routes

History of work orders

History of routes


Configuration of indicators

SMS & e-mail notifications

Triggered from the web interface

Triggered from the mobile application

Automated when the route starts

Automated when the field worker is on the way

Automated after the completion of work orders

Automated when cancelling work orders

Link to download the work report

Link to live track the field worker

Link to reschedule the work order

Link to rate the quality of services



Unlimited users

Complete management of user roles



Help Center

Assistance (live chat, email, phone)

1 hour of training during the first month


Secure and responsive

24/7 supervision

Daily back-up

Compliant with Healthcare Data Hosting

Availability over 99%


API Rest


SMS pack

5000 SMS (valid over a rolling 12-month period)

€300 Excl. VAT €300 Excl. VAT €300 Excl. VAT €300 Excl. VAT


4-hour training

€450 Excl. VAT €450 Excl. VAT €450 Excl. VAT €450 Excl. VAT

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Médéric Gasse
Cofounder of Delivening

Antsway, the company that develops the AntsRoute software, is a strong partner in terms of IT. The core solution is very efficient, and their teams are able to deploy specific development overlays according to our constraints.

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