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Optimisation livraison

Operations Managers planning and optimizing meal and fresh produce delivery routes with AntsRoute

Your objectives: optimize & satisfy customers


Demand for daily meal and fresh produce delivery is growing. That’s why it is now complicated for Operations Manager to manage fresh produce and meal tray deliveries to professionals, restaurants and private individuals. CEOs of companies that specialize in meal and produce delivery are concerned about satisfying customers and improving profitability of deliveries. Achieve these objectives requires a smart management of produce delivery routes.

Planifier Tournées Livraison Produits Frais


Tournées Livraison Repas

Reduce operating costsTournées de Livraison de Repas

Deliver fresh produce at a low operating cost and optimize the number of refrigerated trucks in your fleet. Save time and miles to deliver more meals and frozen produce every day.

Satisfy customersOptimisation tournée de livraison

Inform customers and meet their expectations. Stand by your commitments, specially deadlines and time slots, to improve quality of service.

Planifier Tournées Livraison Repas


Tournées Livraison Repas

Enhance customer relations and deliver on time

Plan feasible routes taking into consideration constraints regarding produce (respect for the cold chain), customers (time slots) and working time.

Gestion Tournées Portage de repas

Manage human resources and vehicles

Smartly manage your refrigerated vehicles, deliverymen and customers by taking into consideration related constraints. Track your drivers. If they are facing unexpected situations, then adjust schedules in real-time to avoid every loss of merchandise.

Optimisation des tournées de livraison de repas et produits surgelésCommunicate ahout your performance

Give your managers indicators about your economic performance of your fresh and frozen produce delivery routes.

Connect & Optimize with AntsRoute


Reduce food delivery costs and enhance your customer satisfaction with AntsRoute! 

Plan and optimize meal, fresh (vegetables, bread, meat or fish) and frozen produce delivery routes. Track your drivers in real-time. Make your job easy and go further with the route optimization software AntsRoute. Deliver craftspersons, restaurants, stores (supermarket and grocery) and private indivuals on time and in a cost-effective way with AntsRoute.

Optimisation Tournées Livraison


Provide your company with an easy-to-use and useful tool. Connect your customers’ expectations to the operating constraints of the supply-chain. Make sure that you stand by your commitments.

Livraison Repas à Domicile

Get a management support tool giving a quick performance overview of your logistics department. Communicate about your efficiency and use it as a commercial asset.

Gestion Tournées Livraison Produits Frais

Meet environmental constraints. Reduce the carbon footprint thanks to the optimization of your drivers’ routes.


Planification Tournées Livraison Produits Surgelés

Plan and manage your routes in few clicks. Make appointments according to available resources, capacities and driving time. On the evening of the previous day or in the morning, smartly and easily manage your drivers’ schedule.

Optimisation Tournées Livraison Hydrocarbure

Track your deliveries. Communicate with your field workers. Easily handle a breakdown of your truck’s cooling unit.

Optimisation Tournées Livraison Produit Frais

Analyze your performance. Easily give your managers performance indicators thanks to the meal and fresh produce delivery route optimization software.

Planification de Tournée de Livraison de Repas

Save time. Make the daily management easier. Reduce miles travelled and increase deliveries with the available resources.

Planification Tournées Livraison Surgelés

Communicate with customers. Inform your clients about their order and the quality of food products during the whole delivery process.

Optimisation Tournées Livraison Repas

Help drivers in the delivery process. Dematerialize road map tanks to the mobile app AntsDrive. Improve your drivers’ working conditions with a navigational aid.


Optimisation des tournées de livraison de repas et produits surgelés

Get notifications during the delivery process. Receive SMS or mail to confirm the delivery date and also when the driver is approaching.

Gestion Planification Tournées Livraison Produits Frais

Avoid litigations. Thanks to the mobile app, drivers can add your signature and several pictures to the sending of the confirmation of order delivery.


Gestion Tournées Livraison Produits Surgelés

Get a navigational aid to reach easily every delivery location. After each delivery, the smart solution manages possible delays and offers a real-time resequencing of orders.

Choose performant solutions to smartly manage your fresh and frozen produce delivery routes.

Are your looking for solutions to reduce your fresh and frozen produce delivery costs?
Save time and reduce miles travelled with AntsRoute. Thus, optimize the number of refrigerated vehicles in your fleet. Our intuitive software helps you to meet constraints regarding customers and commitments: opening hours, availabilities and time slots. Discover our meal and fresh produce delivery route optimization software!


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Smartly connect your constraints to external expectations

Make your daily management easy, meet your customers’ expectations and optimize your resources with the meal and fresh produce delivery route optimization software AntsRoute.