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Optimisation livraison

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Planifier Tournées Visites Soins A Domicile

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The ageing of the population is the cause of the rise in the number of people suffering from chronic diseases which required continuous nursing. The saturation in health centers supports the development of home care and visit services. Itinerant care workers visit a growing number of patients every day. Operations Managers must take into consideration constraints about human resources, vehicles and medical devices to plan optimal routes decreasing miles and saving time. The main objective is to enable field nursing staff to spend more time with their patients and offer quality of treatment and care.

Optimiser et Planifier Visites médicales et Soins à Domicile


Tournées Livraison Repas

Respect care regulationsOptimisation des tournées de soins et visites à domicile

Respect home care regulations including visiting frequency. Assign the field care workers according to their abilities and skills to meet patients’ needs.

Make the nursing easierOptimisation Visites et Soins à Domicile

Increase the number of daily home visits carried out by nursing staff. Thus, respond to the growing number of patients.

Offer proximity service combining reactivity and reliabilityOptimisation Tournées Visites et Soins à Domicile

Stand by your commitments to patients to improve the quality of treatments and care.

Planifier Tournées Visites Médicales


Tournées Livraison Repas

Optimisation Aide, Visites et Soins à Domicile

Smartly manage schedules of your itinerant care workers

Integrate the constraints about visits, availability, working hours of your field personnel. Thus, balance workload and plan feasible home care routes.

Tournée visites à domicile

Respect the frequency and time slot

Smartly manage routes and adjust them easily when the itinerant staff is facing unexpected situations or for any emergency. Carry out care or visit at patient’s on time and reducing extra miles.

Optimisation Tournées Visites MédicalesTake into consideration regular staff

Plan routes integrating constraints about the assignment of your care personnel, especially for patients who are receiving care from the same worker.

Connect & Optimize with AntsRoute


Make the home care and visit route planning easier and improve working conditions of care personnel with AntsRoute! 

Plan and optimize home care routes and track in real-time your itinerant staff. The home visit route optimization software AntsRoute helps you to improve the proximity and reliability of care provided, while increasing the number of daily visits.

Optimisation Tournées Livraison


Optimisation des tournées de soins et visites à domicile

Give schedulers the opportunity to use an innovative software and mobile app to enable nursing staff to carry out more visits each day while spending more time with patients.

Optimiser Tournées Aide à Domicile

Improve the proximity and quality of home care, help and visit services. Help nursing staff to spend more time with every patient, while reducing operating costs.


Planifier Tournées Visites Médicales

Make the plannning of optimal routes in terms of miles travelled and time saving easier by taking into consideration place of departure of care workers, availabilities and skills to meet patients’ needs.

Planifier Tournées Aide A domicile

Smartly plan home visit routes by taking into consideration all the constraints about the time slot required by patient, frequency and flexible duration of visits.

Planifier Optimiser Visites et Soins A Domicile

Manage in real-time emergencies and unexpected situations. To visit patients on time, you can automatically update the schedule of your field care workers thanks to the mobile app AntsDrive.

Planifier tournées soins à domicile

improve working conditions of care personnel. Give nursing staff the opportunity to spend more time with their patients thanks to the home care and visit route optimization software AntsRoute.


Optimisation des tournées de soins et visites à domicile

Make sure that the home care and visit services are reliable and reactive.

Gestion Planification Visites Soins A Domicile

Get information about delays or schedule change in real-time.


Planifier Tournées Soins A Domicile

Spend more time with your patients and less time on the road.

Choose a performant solution for an optimal management of your home visit routes.

Are you looking for solutions to make the management of your home care routes easier and to improve the reliability of your services?
With AntsRoute, save time in the route planning by taking into consideration all the constraints about your human resources and vehicles. Optimize routes of your itinerant care personnel by decreasing miles travelled. Thus, improve the satisfaction of the patients, while reducing operating costs. Discover our home care and visit route optimization software!


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Make home visit and care planning easier with AntsRoute!

Take into consideration internal & external constraints and plan optimal home visit routes by limiting miles and saving time. With the home visit and care route optimization software AntsRoute, spend more time with patients and improve the quality of care.