Smartly schedule an appointment in seconds. Optimize routes & planning. Save miles, time and costs. Track your drivers in real time. Inform your customers.


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Delivery and Multiple-stops a day route optimization
Suggest appointment date & time slot to clients
Optimisation Tournées Livraison

For each incoming call, suggest a date and time slot to customers according to their needs and taking into consideration other appointments and your objectives in terms of costs, time and miles saving.

Optimize routes for your deliverymen or technicians
Optimisation Tournées Livraison

The objective is to save miles, time, costs and plan technicians and deliverymen’s routes taking into consideration internal and external constraints.

Track your drivers & communicate with customers
Optimisation Tournées Livraison

Track your field workers in real-time and respond to emergencies and unexpected situations. Send your customers notifications during the whole process.

Hit the road with AntsRoute’s process

Smartly make appointments

Optimiser Tournées Livraison

AntsRoute smartly arrange appointments by orientating customers toward the most appropriate dates and time slots and considering constraints in terms of time and operating costs saving. If customers are available, it is better to make the appointment taking into consideration nearby appointments already scheduled. Thus, technicians and deliverymen save miles during their daily routes.

From a simple form indicating requirements regarding the delivery or pick-up, the route optimization software suggests scored and rated time slots. AntsRoute makes sure that ressources are available to carry out all deliveries, pick-ups or visits. 

Optimize routes and draw up deliverymen & technicians’ schedule

Optimiser Tournées Livraison

After having planned the appointments, the optimization is ready to start! You get drivers’ schedule and routes in seconds. You are able to adjust schedules and routes according to your needs.
It is worth noting that businesses which have to do delivery or visit without fixed date to carry out will be added to routes already optimized. The objective is to complete routes without adding extra miles. AntsRoute gives users the opportunity to easily manage these appointments thanks to a “basket”.

Logiciel Optimisation Tournées

Inform your customers

Optimiser Tournées Livraison

After having optimized your delivery and multiple-stops routes, an automated text message or email notification can be sent to your customers. Upon the approach of technician or deliveryman, customers are informed through another automated message.

Get dematerialized road maps

Optimiser Tournées Livraison

Thanks to the intuitive mobile app AntsDrive, drivers stay on track and reach easily each place. Deliverymen and technicians can send confirmation with comment, customer’s signature and pictures. Furthermore, drivers have the means to confirm or cancel an appointment through AntsDrive. Operations Managers are able to reprogram technician or deliveryman’s visit through AntsRoute.

Optimiser Tournées Livraison

Track your drivers in real-time

Optimiser Tournées Livraison

The mobile app AntsDrive gives Operations Managers the opportunity to monitor driver activity with geofences and pinpoint their location. Managers have the means to track technicians and deliverymen in real-time through the route optimization software AntsRoute. Furthermore, they are able to communicate with drivers and add or cancel any appointment. Before each confirmation, Managers get information about the extra miles.

Analyze performance of your team

Optimiser Tournées Livraison

The route optimization software AntsRoute helps Managers to compare planned routes and the done ones. Furthermore, it’s possible to export documents including different data and increase personal indicators.

Optimisation Tournées Intervention

Optimized constraints

Planification Tournées Livraison

Optimisation Tournées Livraison

Opening hours
Necessary qualifications
Priority clients
Assignment of drivers to specific customers

logiciel d'optimisation de tournée

Technicians & Deliverymen
Optimisation Tournées Livraison

Availability of drivers (working hours, absences, lunch breaks or legal working hours)
Place of departure (site or home)
Assignment to specific geographic areas
Skills and qualifications
Per-hour costs

logiciel d'optimisation de tournée

Optimisation Tournées Livraison

Type (light vehicle, heavy truck)
Engine specification (Diesel, Petrol, NGV, Electric)
Vehicle capacity (Weight, Volume, Parcels)
Costs, Drive objectives
Access to warehouse (loading dock)
Traffic jam

logiciel d'optimisation de tournée

Deliveries & Multiple-stops a day
Optimisation Tournées Livraison

Needed capacity
Required skills and qualifications
Time slots
Traffic conditions (Traffic jam, topography, weather)
Maximum duration between first and last stop

AntsRoute makes your job easy

Optimisation Tournées Réparation
Repair & Maintenance Services

Make the route planning easier and reduce operating costs.



optimiser les tournées de livraison
Equipment Installation Services

Schedule appointments easily and meet commitments from the first visit.



Construction Tournées Livraison
Oil & Fuel Delivery

Plan routes easily and stress-free and reduce delivering costs.



Optimiser Tournées Livraison Matériaux
Materials Delivery

Optimize delivery route planning and reduce operating costs.