Save time in your route planning and reduce fuel delivery costs with AntsRoute


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Your objectives: optimize the compartments of your tank trucks and offer quality of service

Operations Managers and Schedulers spend time to manage oil and fuel delivery routes (aromatic hydrocarbon, saturated hydrocarbons, natural gas, etc.). They are responsible for stocks management, optimizing the occupancy rate of tank trucks and managing compartments and multi-site routes. Thus, these professionals have three major objectives: save time in the route plans management, reduce delivery costs and enhance customer satisfaction.


Tournée Livraison HydrocarbureReduce oil delivery costs

Decrease miles travelled and increase daily deliveries carried out by drivers during their route.

optimisation des tournées de livraison d'hydrocarbureEnhance customer satisfaction

Stand by your commitments regarding deliveries: time slot and quality.


optimisation de tournées de livraison d'hydrocarbure

Optimize the occupancy rate and limit loadings

Plan deliveries and optimize routes in few clicks. Manage easily tank trucks’ compartments. Increase the number of deliveries carried out every day. Decrease miles travelled.

optimisation de tournées de livraison d'hydrocarbure

Manage human resources and tank trucks

Plan routes by taking into consideration drivers’ working hours. Furthermore, manage easily your tanker trucks.

Tournées Livraisons HydrocarburesDeliver on time and enhance customer satisfaction

Take into consideration constraints about traffic to plan your deliveries. Stand by your commitments and deliver oil & fuel to customers on time. Track your drivers and communicate with customers. Adjust schedules in real time, specially when your field workers are facing unexpected situations.

Connect & Optimize with AntsRoute

Manage multi-site deliveries and optimize the occupancy rate of your tank trucks’ compartments with AntsRoute!

Plan your oil deliveries in few clicks and reduce delivery costs with AntsRoute. The oil and fuel delivery route optimization software AntsRoute also helps you to manage and enahance your customer relation.


Planifier Tournées Livraison Hydrocarbure

Reduce delivery costs. Give your salespersons an appointment making tool that automatically optimize logistics constraints. Give your Schedulers a performant route plannning software.

Planifier Livraison Hydrocarbure

With our intuitive software, boost your oil and fuel delivery process. Give your team the opportunity to use a tool that make their job easy.

optimisation de tournées de livraison d'hydrocarbure

Get indicators about the performance of your logistics department. Analyze your performances and data regarding your carbon footprint.


Logiciel Optimisation Tournées Livraison Hydrocarbures

Make your route planning and the management of your compartments easy. Plan oil and fuel delivery routes in the least time possible and taking into consideration constraints about compartments management.

Logiciel Planification Livraison Hydrocarbure

Get optimal route plans thanks to the oil delivery route optimization software AntsRoute. Minimize miles travelled and increase the number of deliveries carried out each day thanks to an optimization of the occupancy rate of your tankers.

Logiciel Planification Tournées Livraison Hydrocarbures

Track your drivers in real-time and adjust their schedules in case of unexpected situations or last-minute orders. If one of your filed workers is not available, you can optimize your drivers’ routes. Respond to customers’ last-minute orders thanks to a real-time communication with your team through the mobile app AntsDrive.

Logiciel Construction Tournées Livraison Hydrocarbures

Improve your drivers’ working conditions. Dematerialize field workers’ roadmaps thanks to the mobile app AntsDrive.


optimisation des tournées de livraison d'hydrocarbure

In less than 15 minutes, you get optimal routes taking into consideration the mangement of tank truck’s compartments.


Planifier Livraison Pellet et Hydrocarbures

Get information regarding the fuel delivery. You don’t have to wait the truck as you know beforehand the precise delivery time.


optimisation des tournées de livraison d'hydrocarbure

Carry out deliveries stress-free. The loadings of your tanker are planned beforehand. The capacity is automatically calculated.

Choose a performant and adjustable solution for an optimal management of your oil and fuel delivery routes.

Are you looking for solutions to save time in your oil delivery route planning?
Are you managing oil delivery to professionals and service stations? Or are you specialized in home fuel delivery to individuals? With AntsRoute, integrate all the constraints about the management of your compartments and multi-site deliveries. Make the route planning easy. Our management tool helps you to optimize your resources and improve your productivity and the performance of your field workers. Discover now our oil and fuel delivery route optimization software!


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Make your job easy with our innovative software!

Save time in management of routes, enhance customer satisfaction and optimize your resources with AntsRoute. Connect your internal constraints to external expectations thanks to our oil and fuel delivery route optimization software.

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