Make the route planning easier and reduce your delivery costs with AntsRoute


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Your objectives: Make your job easier and limit returns to warehouse

Operations Manager and Schedulers spend time to manage building material delivery routes. They are responsible for the assignment of vehicles taking into consideration the ease of access to the different construction sites. They are also in charge of the optimization of vehicles’ occupancy rate and the pickup of unused materials and palettes. Thus, these professionals have three major objectives: make the route planning easier, reduce materials delivery costs and deliver on time.


Optimiser Livraison MatériauxReduce delivery costs

Decrease miles travelled and increase the number of building material deliveries that drivers carried out each day during their route.

Optimisation Tournées Livraison MatériauxEnhance customer satisfaction

Stand by your commitments about the pick-up and delivery of your materials and transport palettes. Especially time slots.


Optimisation Livraison Matériaux

Optimize the occupancy rate

Integrate all the constraints about the capacity (weight, volume and palettes) of your tipper trucks and articulated lorries to limit the number of loadings necessary to deliver materials.

Planifier Tournées Livraison Matériaux

Deliver materials on time

Plan your routes by taking into consideration constraints about the traffic to deliver building materials to customers on time. React to unexpected situations in real-time.

Construire Tournées Livraison matériauxMake the supply of materials to the construction sites easier

Manage the variety of vehicles. For example, trucks with rotating forklift crane will be used to deliver materials on the top floor.

Connect & Optimize with AntsRoute

Deliver materials on time and maximize the occupancy rate of your vehicles with AntsRoute!

AntsRoute helps you to save time in the route planning and to reduce your material delivery costs. Furthermore, decrease the number of loadings necessary to carry out daily pickups and deliveries with the material delivery route optimization software AntsRoute.


Logiciel Construction Tournées Livraison Matériaux

Have at your disposal an intuitive tool to improve the performance of your logistics department and reduce material delivery costs.

Logiciel Planification Livraison Matériaux

Boost the building material pickup & delivery process and enhance the quality of service.

Logiciel Planification Tournées Livraison Matériaux

Get easily performance indicators about logistics department to carry out an analysis of your work. Reduce your carbon footprint.


optimisation de tournées de livraison de matériaux

Make the pickup and delivery route planning easier through the automated integration of constraints about vehicles’ capacity, unloading time and ease of access to construction sites.

Tournées Livraison Matériaux Construction

Get optimal route plans thanks to the material delivery route optimization software AntsRoute. Decrease miles travelled and the number of loadings necessary to carry out all the deliveries planed for the day. Optimize the occupancy rate of your trucks. Maximize the number of material deliveries done for each driver’s route.

Logiciel Planification Tournées Livraison Matériaux Construction

Deliver plasterboards, tiles, windows, flooring or breeze blocks without delays thanks to the real-time tracking of your drivers. Adjust routes easily when facing unexpected situations through a new optimization of drivers’ schedules.

Optimiser Tournées Reprise Matériaux Construction

Enhance your drivers’ working conditions. Dematerialize roadmaps of your field workers thanks to the mobile app AntsDrive.


logiciel optimisation tournées livraison matériaux

Get information regarding the material delivery. You don’t have to wait the truck as you know beforehand the delivery time.


optimisation de tournées de livraison de matériaux

Carry out deliveries stress-free. Material deliveries and pickups are planned.

Choose a performant and ergonomic solution for an optimal management of your material delivery routes.

Are your looking for solutions to make the route management easier?
With AntsRoute, integrate all the constraints about your vehicle management and make the material delivery and pickup route planning easier. Our management tool helps you to optimize your resources and improve your efficiency. Discover our building material delivery route optimization software!


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Make your job easy with our intuitive tool!

Save time in management of routes, enhance customer satisfaction and optimize your resources with AntsRoute. Connect your internal and external constraints with our building material delivery route optimization software.

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