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Optimisation livraison

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Logiciel Optimisation Livraisons Colis
Optimiser Livraison Colis

Your objectives: Offer quality of service & observe deadlines


Internet development caused the arrival of e-commerce and distance selling. This new way of buying reinforces the home parcel delivery market. The sending of smaller and smaller parcels is increasing and customers’ expectations regarding receipt of orders are growing. As a consequence, Operations Managers are concerned about ensuring a quality of service and observe deadlines without increasing operating costs. Achieve these objectives requires an optimal management of parcel delivery routes.

Planification Tournées Livraison Colis


Tournées Livraison Repas

Optimisation des tournées de livraison de colisEnhance customer satisfaction and improve visibility

Offer reliable services and stand by your commitments, specially delays, to meet customer’s expectations and enhance customer relation.

Save delivery operating costsPlanifier Livraison Colis

Decrease miles travelled by field workers to deliver your parcels with a minimum amount of time and number of vehicles.

Comply with new environmental standardsPlanifier Tournées Livraison Colis

Adapt your delivery activity to meet standards regarding the decrease in carbon dioxide emissions.

Planification Livraison Colis


Tournées Livraison Repas

Gérer Tournées Livraison Colis

Let customers choose time-slots

Make sure your customers will be available to receipt orders on the date and time slot chosen.

Optimisation de tournées de livraison de colis

Inform customers during the delivery process

Send text message or email notifications with needed information to clients during the whole delivery process.

Optimisation de tournées de livraison de colisDeliver parcels on time

Take into consideration constraints about customers and drivers to plan feasible parcel delivery routes and deliver merchandise on time.

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Inform your customers and meet constraints about sustainable urban logistics with AntsRoute!

Plan and optimize your parcel delivery routes and track in real-time your drivers with the route optimization software AntsRoute to meet your customers’ expectations and save operating costs.

Optimisation Tournées Livraison


Optimisation des tournées de livraison de colis

Enhance customer relation and save operating costs due to the sustained delivery frequency thanks to an innovative route optimization software.

Logiciel Optimisation Tournées Livraisons Colis

Meet environmental and sustainable urban logistics standards thanks to a decrease in CO2 emissions of 25% and fuel consumption.


Logiciel Optimisation Livraison Colis

Plan your deliveries to meet customers’ expectations regarding the time slot. Decrease miles travelled by field workers and optimize the number of vehicles used during route planning.

Optimisation Tournée Livraison Colis

Take into consideration constraints regarding deliverymen, customers and last-minute orders and optimize occupancy rate of vehicles during the route planning. Increase the number of daily deliveries.

Optimisation Tournées Livraison Colis

Track your drivers in real-time and easily manage unexpected situations encountered by drivers thanks to the intuitive mobile app AntsDrive, which is associated to the delivery route optimization software.

Optimisation Livraison Colis

Inform customers during the whole delivery process. Send automated text message or email notifications to improve delivery tracking.


Optimiser Tournée Livraison Colis

Track your express or parcel delivery receipt. Receive text message or email notifications to confirm the time slot and when the deliveryman is approaching.


Logiciel Planification Tournées Livraison Colis

Deliver parcels stress-free and without delays thanks to an intuitive mobile app.

Choose a smart solution for an optimal and sustainable management of your parcel delivery routes

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