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This is one of the best new features of the end of the year on AntsRoute: geolocate in real time the technicians or dispatch riders on the field.
From now, your drivers have the possibility to schedule new customer order directly from the AntsRoute mobile application.
When you register on AntsRoute, a Quickstart guide is now available to help you discover the main features quickly and easily.
Give your customers 5-star experience with the new link to track the drivers in real time on a map.
The users can now set up webhooks to automate the sending of data from AntsRoute to their favorite applications.
To save even more time when scheduling appointments on AntsRoute, you can set default values for your orders.
The users of the AntsRoute route optimization software can now custom the terms used on the interface.
In this new version, AntsRoute introduces its new navigation menu, which is more user-friendly. And there is more to discover on the routing software !
The new version of the AntsRoute routing software enables its users to schedule reccuring field service operations or deliveries.