The new version of the AntsRoute mobile application allows you to encourage your field workers by giving them more responsibility.
The platform now lets you customise 100% the permissions you assign to each user in your AnstRoute account.
The display of the tab enabling the scheduling of tasks has been improved and now offers the possibility of selecting several availability time slots.
The users of AntsRoute can now access the platform and mobile application in German and Spanish.
Thanks to our integration with Zapiet Store Pickup + Delivery, merchants using Shopify can simplify the local delivery process.
This is one of the best new features of the end of the year on AntsRoute: geolocate in real time the technicians or dispatch riders on the field.
From now, your drivers have the possibility to schedule new customer order directly from the AntsRoute mobile application.
When you register on AntsRoute, a Quickstart guide is now available to help you discover the main features quickly and easily.
Give your customers 5-star experience with the new link to track the drivers in real time on a map.