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To provide your customers with an accurate delivery note without spending hours on them, here's a complete 5-point guide.
Here are the best practices for eco-friendly delivery, to offer more carbon-neutral deliveries without blowing up costs.
To help you create effective service reports, here is a list of items to include and best practices.
A delivery management software helps you to react efficiently to unexpected events, in order to offer a smooth delivery to your customers.
Give your customers 5-star experience with the new link to track the drivers in real time on a map.
The users can now set up webhooks to automate the sending of data from AntsRoute to their favorite applications.
The mobile applications are a preferred solution to improve the working conditions of delivery drivers and improve their loyalty.
Facing the global warming, here are 7 methods to reduce the carbon footprint of field service management.
To save even more time when scheduling appointments on AntsRoute, you can set default values for your orders.