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What is Google Calendar?

Google Calendar is a Google application for sharing events and online calendars for free.

What are the benefits for AntsRoute users?

With this connection, you can export an AntsRoute planning as a URL to be integrated in your Google Calendar. It offers a more global view of your activity.

How to connect AntsRoute to Google Calendar?

💡 Read the support article here.

1 Export the AntsRoute planning

First, you need to retrieve the URL of your field agent’s planning from AntsRoute (‘Resources’ > ‘Agents’ > ‘Export agenda’ > ‘Copy link’ > ‘Generate new link’).

2 Add the AntsRoute planning URL in Google Calendar

Add the AntsRoute planning URL in Google Calendar (‘Google Apps’ > ‘Calendar’ > ‘Other Calendars’ > ‘From URL’). The Google synchronization is automatic.