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What is Odoo?

Odoo is an open-source enterprise resource planning (ERP) system composed of many modules to manage customer relations (CRM), website creation, production, inventory, accounting and billing. The tool makes it easy to manage and share information between these different modules. It provides a global vision of your business.

What are the benefits for AntsRoute users?

With this integration, you can smartly plan all deliveries for Odoo orders in AntsRoute.

  • Automate the transfer of delivery orders from Odoo to AntsRoute ;
  • Create new shipping method using AntsRoute from your Odoo account ;
  • Determine optimized delivery routes on AntsRoute taking into account time constraints and available delivery days defined in Odoo ;
  • Access AntsRoute information about delivery status from your Odoo account: delivery date, delivery status, driver in charge of the delivery, customer’s signature, delivery photos, completion comment.

How to connect AntsRoute to Odoo?

💡 Read the support article here.

1 Install the AntsRoute module in Odoo

First, you need to install the AntsRoute module from your Odoo account > Apps.

2 Add a new shipping method from Odoo

You then need to create a new shipping method using AntsRoute from your Odoo account (‘Inventory’ > ‘Configuration’ > ‘Delivery’ > ‘Shipping methods’ > ‘Create’). Then, enter the API key you retrieved from your AntsRoute account (‘API key’ > ‘Add’ > ‘Create’ > copy the API key to the clipboard > ‘Continue’).

3 Set up the AntsRoute module from your Odoo account

When adding a shipping method, you can determine the possible delivery days, time slots for delivery to the customer and loading at the warehouse.