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What is Must-G5?

Must-G5 (formerly Orthop) is a solution developed by the company Must Informatique. It simplifies the daily life of home health professionals. The tool allows to manage the orders of home health care providers.

What are the benefits for AntsRoute users?

This integration simplifies the daily life of home health professionals who use the Must-G5 solution to organize their home care routes.

When visits are transferred to AntsRoute, the tool determines the best dates and time slots to carry out the visit according to the visits already planned and the skills of the caregivers, while respecting the frequency of visits required for certain treatments.

How does this integration work?

First, all the home care visits to be scheduled for the next month are automatically transferred from Must-G5 to the ‘Order bucket’ of AntsRoute with the necessary information: due date to complete the order, duration of order, type of order, patient’s address.

When routes are optimized and the orders are confirmed, information is sent from AntsRoute to Must-G5 (scheduled date, start and end time of order, email of the field agent).