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What is Zapiet?

Zapiet the leading application to manage the pickup and delivery of goods for Shopify e-commerce sites. The tool can be used to check product availability, integrate Shopify stores, manage inventory across multiple locations, prevent fraud and organize orders. Zapiet also offers integrations with applications that help manage last-mile delivery, such as AntsRoute.

What are the benefits for AntsRoute users?

Using the AntsRoute module, we make the local delivery from Shopify online stores easier. For e-retailers, the integration of the AntsRoute module into their online shop allows them to organize deliveries in-house.

How it works?

The AntsRoute module for Zapiet Store Pickup + Delivery enables real-time synchronization of data between the two solutions.

The orders placed from a Shopify online store are sent directly to the AntsRoute route scheduler, allowing automated planning of the associated deliveries.

How to connect AntsRoute to Zapiet?

💡 Read the support article here.

1 Retrieve an API key from AntsRoute

First, you need to retrieve an API key from your AntsRoute account: Profile > Integrations > API Keys > Add > Create > Copy > Continue. Keep the API key in a document as it will be requested later on Zapiet.

2 Connect AntsRoute with Zapiet (Store Pickup + Delivery)

To connect AntsRoute to Zapiet you need to go to your Shopify account > Apps > Zapiet Store Pickup + Delivery > Settings > Last mile delivery > Activate AntsRoute. Then, click on ‘Configure settings’ and enter a ‘Duration’ which is the time required to unload the goods from the vehicle and hand them over to the customer.

3 Create ‘Total number’ and ‘Weight’ capacities on AntsRoute

In order to manage the quantities that can be transported by each vehicle during a route, you need to add the capacities ‘Total number’ and ‘Weight’ to your AntsRoute account. To do this, go to Settings > Capacities > Add. Then, determine the capacities of the vehicles from Resources > Vehicles > … > Edit.

💡 Read the support article here.