Route Optimization software connecting your constraints, optimizing your resources and enhancing customer relations.
The innovative and all-in-one solutions for the Operations Managers planning and organizing pick-up, delivery and multi-stop routes.


Integrate constraints regarding
vehicles, drivers and customers


Save time & reduce routes
of technicians and Deliverymen


Enhance your
customer satisfaction


Sustainable with the integration
of NGV and electric vehicles

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Orange Business Services Partner with AntsRoute 

The global integrator of communications services offers our solutions to professional customers. Orange Business Services choose Antsway as we offer the most innovative and reliable route optimization software on the market for any business that makes deliveries, pick-ups and multi-stop routes.


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Orange partenaire de Antsway

AntsRoute optimizes your routes & helps to manage your resources

Logiciel Optimisation Tournées

Save operating costs, improve deliverymen and technicians’ experience and meet your customers’ expectations by considering 25+ constraints about vehicles, agents and customers.

Optimiser Tournées Livraison Colis

Parcel & Express

Consider customers’ expectations and offer quality services.



Construction Tournées Intervention

Meal & Fresh
Produce Delivery

Enhance customer satisfaction and improve drivers’ productivity.



Construction Tournées Livraison

Oil & Fuel

Plan routes easily and stress-free and reduce delivering costs.



Optimiser Tournées Livraison Matériaux


Optimize delivery route planning and reduce operating costs.



Optimisation Tournées Réparation

Repair & Maintenance

Make the route planning easier and reduce operating costs.



optimiser les tournées de livraison

Installation Services

Schedule appointments easily and meet commitments from the first visit.



Logiciel Optimisation Tournées Soins Domicile

Home Care, Visit
& Help Services

Manage planning stress-free and improve care of each patient.



Logiciel d'optimisation de tournées d'intervention


Meet the scheduled date and time slot and keep operating costs down.



Optimiser Tournées Intervention

Connect constraints regarding vehicles & agents to customers’ expectations

Logiciel Optimisation Tournées

AntsRoute is the first and fastest software connecting constraints of your resources (vehicles, drivers, profitability, organization) to external expectations (customers, punctuality, delivery locations, predefined pick-ups and multi-stop routes, unexpected situations or traffic jam).


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Why choose the software AntsRoute

Logiciel Optimisation Tournées

Planification Tournées Livraison

Intuitive and ergonomic interface with flexible and efficient algorithms

Planification Tournées Intervention

A SaaS software and 100% secure environment

Planification Tournées Livraison Domicile

Easy and flexible API integration to meet your business’s requirements

Planification Tournées Intervention Domicile

Solutions approved by experts working in Logistics and Route Optimization

How to plan the best routes in seconds with our dynamic route planner?

Logiciel Optimisation Tournées

Optimize your resources with AntsRoute! Discover the features of our easy-to-use software and start to define optimal daily route plans for your technicians and deliverymen.

logiciel d'optimisation de tournées

Smart pick-up, delivery and multi-stop routes planning

Our intuitive software helps you to schedule your appointments. AntsRoute chooses several dates according to your customers’ requirements (time windows, stop duration), vehicles (types, capacities, etc.) and deliverymen or technicians (working hours, availabilities, lunch breaks, skills, authorizations).


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logiciel d'optimisation de tournées

Fast and automated routes optimization

The innovative software setup routes with multiple stops instantly and avoiding hours of manual planning. It helps to reduce travelling time and operating costs. The technicians & deliverymen’s schedules are made considering internal constraints, customers’ expectations and drive objectives of each vehicle.


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logiciel d'optimisation de tournées

Live tracking & notifications to customers

AntsRoute enables Managers to track deliveries and pick-ups in real time thanks to the route optimization mobile app. Drivers are able to conduct their routes, prevent and counter the unforeseen events. The easy-to-use route optimization mobile app AntsDrive offers an optimal organization on the ground thanks to a real-time resequencing of orders and various kinds of alert notifications.


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Optimisation LivraisonRoute indicators analysis

AntsRoute gives Managers access to data and performance indicators. The route optimization software makes available a comparative report between scheduled routes and done ones.


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Planification Livraison Intervention

Intuitive route optimization mobile app AntsDrive

Logiciel Planification Tournées

AntsDrive is an easy-to-use mobile app connected to the route optimization software AntsRoute. It’s used by deliverymen and technicians to conduct their daily routes. The route optimization mobile app gives drivers access to route plan and information regarding customers. The organization is optimal with AntsDrive! You can reoptimize routes in real time considering all constraints about customers when your drivers encounter unexpected situations (traffic jam, delays, absence).


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Customers sharing their experience about using AntsRoute

Logiciel Optimisation Tournées
planifier tournées de véhicules et optimisation tournées

Optimiser tournées livraison“Without route optimization software, GIE Aptitude would need two extra Administrative Managers to plan multi-stop routes. AntsRoute rescues us from hours of routes planning.”

Pauline MOUGEL, Operations Manager, GIE Aptitude

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JDM35 Optimise Tournées Intervention Avec AntsRoute

Optimiser tournées livraison“I really appreciate the availability of the team. People working at Antsway are reactive to adjust the software to our needs. There is always someone available to meet our needs.”

Dominique JOSSELIN, CEO, JDM35

Picard Optimise Tournées Livraison Surgelés Avec AntsRoute

Optimiser tournées livraison“We decided to use AntsRoute because this software is easy to handle. The interface is intuitive and ergonomic. Plan your delivery routes with this system and save miles & operating costs. The process is automated and it’s easier than hours of manual routes planning.”

Lauranne COYAS, Assistant Operations Manager, VAPROMAN, Swiss subsidiary of PICARD Group

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Eloy Water Utilise Logiciel Optimisation Tournées AntsRoute

Optimiser tournées livraison“Since the implementation of solutions offered by Antsway, we can notice positive results regarding administrative efficiency. In one month we save one week of work and eliminate human errors.”

Sébastien MORANT, Support Manager, ELOY WATER

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Logiciel d'optimisation de tournées

Optimiser tournées livraison“Antsway developed specific features to meet our particular needs. The solutions will help us to track deliveries and reduce delays.”

Thomas CIORNEI, CEO, Dans l’R du temps


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